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9/13/2017Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families Highlights Infant Mortality Awareness Month
6/23/2017New Community Grant Programs Promote Health Equity
6/16/2017Wisconsin Partnership Program Seeks Comments on Annual Report
5/31/2017New Project Seeks to Advance Health Equity Within Wisconsin Health Systems
5/10/2017Wisconsin Partnership Seeks New Investigator Program Grant Applicants
3/30/2017Health Alliance Brings Together Statewide Partners
3/22/2017Wisconsin Partnership Seeks Collaborative Health Sciences Grant Applications
2/10/2017Wisconsin Partnership Program Seeks Applications for Community Impact Grants
1/10/2017Paula Tran Inzeo Joins UW Population Health Institute
1/10/2017Wisconsin Partnership Welcomes New Program Officer Courtney Saxler
1/04/2017Partnership Grants Address Health Disparities, Women's Health, Diabetes
12/15/2016New Report Shows Much Room for Improvement in Wisconsin's Health
12/01/2016Obesity Rates in Wisconsin Higher Than Previously Thought
11/29/2016Wisconsin Partnership Program Awards $3 Million to Improve Health Equity
10/24/2016New Influenza Research Focuses on Detection, Response in Long-Term Care Facilities
10/18/2016Clinical Trials Test Dietary Therapy for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
10/14/2016Agenda for October 18 Wisconsin United for Health Foundation Meeting
10/13/2016Preventive Medicine Residency Receives Accreditation Through 2026
10/11/2016Dean Presents Partnership Program 2015 Annual Report to Board of Regents
9/26/2016Health Equity Conference Inspires and Challenges
8/30/2016Partnership Grants Fund Novel Approaches to Cancer Treatment, Flu Detection
8/24/2016Innovative Program Helps State Residents Living with Diabetes
8/05/2016Agenda for Audit Committee of the Wisconsin United for Health Foundation Meeting
7/26/2016Agenda for August 9 Wisconsin United for Health Foundation Meeting
7/25/2016Wisconsin Partnership Awards Nine Community Improvement Grants
6/10/2016Celebrating a Decade of Melding Medicine and Public Health
5/25/2016Partnership Education and Research Committee Announces 2016 Appointments
4/25/2016University of Wisconsin Team Shreds Expectations in Search for New Antibiotics
2/26/2016Basic-Science Study Reveals How Fungi Hijack the Body's Immune System
2/18/2016Wisconsin Partnership Supports New Substance Abuse Prevention Initiative
2/10/2016Wisconsinites Living Longer But Not Necessarily Healthier
2/08/2016Survey of the Health of Wisconsin Shares Health Statistics
2/01/2016Wisconsin Partnership Program Promotes Funding Opportunities
1/14/2016Wisconsin Partnership Program Seeks Collaborative Grant Applications
1/12/2016Lung Cell Found to Act as Sensor, Regulator of Immune Response
12/07/2015Creating Pathways: Connecting American Indian Students to Health Professions
11/20/2015Research Team to Develop and Test Opioid Risk Screening Tool
11/12/2015Project Aims to Improve Health by Reducing Barriers of Prisoner Re-Entry to Society
10/26/2015Community Impact Grants Cover a Diversity of Issues Facing Wisconsin
8/24/2015Funding Supports Community Partnerships through ICTR
8/24/2015Grantees in the News: LoConte Receives CDC Grant, Hansen's Study Published
8/24/2015Kennedy Appointed to Partnership Education and Research Committee
8/24/2015Partnership Program Supports State's Pregnancy Monitoring System
7/29/2015Comments Sought on Wisconsin Partnership Program Report
6/30/2015Partnership Program Funds Community Health Improvement Projects
6/23/2015Colleagues Honor Farrell for Contributions to Wisconsin Partnership Program
6/23/2015Oversight and Advisory Committee Member Kunferman Receives Award
6/05/2015Statewide Partners Train Students to Care for Rural Populations
4/17/2015Robert Lemanske Appointed to Partnership's Oversight and Advisory Committee
3/18/2015Partnership Program Supports HAPPY Milwaukee Students
3/12/2015Agenda for April 10 Wisconsin United for Health Foundation Meeting
12/18/2014Partnership Awards Five Grants Through New Investigator Program
12/17/2014Wisconsin Partnership Program Launches Obesity Prevention Initiative
12/15/2014Wisconsin Partnership Program Committee Member Honored
12/01/2014Older Patients from At-Risk Neighborhoods More Likely to Return to Hospital
10/17/2014Dean Presents Partnership Program's 2013 Annual Report to Board of Regents
10/16/2014Regents Appoint Partnership Program Committee Members
9/22/2014Agenda for Wisconsin United for Health Foundation Meeting
9/04/2014Wisconsin Partnership Program Marks 10th Anniversary
7/03/2014Faculty, Staff Honored with University-Community Awards
7/03/2014Partnership Program Project Receives UW Partnership Award
7/01/2014Nominations Sought for Partnership Oversight and Advisory Committee
4/14/2014Wisconsin Team to Search for New Antibiotics from Untapped Microbes
3/13/2014Wisconsin United for Health Foundation Audit Committee Sets Agenda
3/13/2014Wisconsin United for Health Foundation Sets Agenda
3/10/2014Partnership Collaborative Grant Preliminary Applications Due March 18
2/11/2014Wisconsin Partnership Funds Five New Studies
1/09/2014Wisconsin Partnership Picks United Way to Head Infant-Mortality Effort
12/20/2013Wisconsin Partnership Awards $3.6 Million in Community Grants
11/18/2013UWSMPH Earns Spencer Foreman Award for Community Service
11/08/2013Lead Exposure Dooms Some Wisconsin Kids to Struggle in School
10/16/2013Research Team Aims to Improve Outcomes for Women with Breast Cancer
10/03/2013Wisconsin Partnership Recognizes Group's Contributions in Fighting Infant Mortality
9/27/2013Wisconsin Partnership Seeks Comments on Five-Year Plan
9/20/2013Wisconsin Partnership Seeks Applications to Implement Infant-Mortality Efforts
6/14/2013New Program Office to Boost Infant-Mortality Effort
2/28/2013Wisconsin Communities Awarded $3.4 Million to Reduce Infant Mortality
2/22/2013Wisconsin Budget Calls for $3 Million for Rural and Urban Medical Programs
1/10/2013Wisconsin Partnership Program Awards Community Grants of $2.7 Million
1/03/2013Wisconsin Partnership Program Awards Two Targeted Grants
12/18/2012New Studies Target Diabetes, Kidney Cancer, Elder Care and Flu Transmission
11/20/2012Partnership Grant Helps St. Croix County Families Learn About Nutrition
9/25/2012Seibert Named Fellow in Group on Development of Women Leaders in Medicine
6/22/2012Wisconsin Idea Centennial Knows No Bounds
5/29/2012Wisconsin Residents Are Living Longer, But Not Better
4/11/2012Community Events Address Wisconsin's African American Infant Mortality Rates
4/04/2012Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health Launches New Website
3/20/2012Kenosha Hosts Leaders for Wisconsin Healthy Birth Outcomes Initiative
3/07/2012Public Reports on Diabetes Care Helped Drive Clinic Improvements in Wisconsin
3/02/2012Master of Public Health: A Degree Program for the 21st Century
2/14/2012New Leadership for Wisconsin Healthy Birth Outcomes Initiative
1/12/2012Partnership Research to Focus on Racial Disparity in Alzheimer's Disease
1/10/2012New Investigator Studies Target Alzheimer's, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer
1/04/2012Burkard to Use Partnership Grant for Studies of Aggressive Breast Cancer
1/04/2012Lung Cancer Researcher Awarded Grant to Develop Innovative Treatment
12/20/2011Partnership Pledges $2.2 Million to Improve Health of Wisconsin Communities
11/30/2011New Program Will Train Health Educators to Address Behavioral Issues
11/21/2011Ana Martinez-Donate is Passionate About Working with Underserved Communities
10/04/2011Wisconsin Partnership Funds Alzheimer's, Alcohol Abuse and Maternity Care
8/02/2011Partnership Invites 30 Full Proposals Through Community-Academic Partnership Fund
5/19/2011Education and Research Committee Adopts New Name
5/13/2011Quinton Cotton Named Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families Program Officer
5/11/2011Partnership Releases New Investigator Program Request for Proposals
4/22/2011Community-Academic Partnership Fund Request for Partnerships Released
3/30/2011Population Health Institute Releases 2011 County Health Rankings
1/18/2011Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families Planning Process Continues
1/10/2011Partnership Seeks Program Officer for Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families
12/17/2010Partnership Pledges $2.1 Million to Improve Health of Wisconsin Communities
12/15/2010Partnership Funds Three Grants Through New Investigator Program
12/09/2010Partnership Releases Collaborative Health Sciences Program Request for Proposals
9/28/2010Local Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families Efforts Set to Begin
9/27/2010Wisconsin Partnership Program Releases 2009 Annual Report
9/20/2010Federal Grant to Increase Public Health Workers in Wisconsin
9/03/2010Partnership Invites 31 Full Community-Academic Partnership Fund Applications
9/01/2010Wisconsin Partnership Program Welcomes New Program Officer
8/25/2010Patrick Remington Named to Oversight and Advisory Committee
7/29/2010Beloit Leaders Join Wisconsin Partnership Program's Infant Mortality Initiative
6/21/2010Partnership Awards Four Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families Planning Grants
6/17/2010Wisconsin Partnership Joins With Milwaukee Coalition to Fight Infant Mortality
6/14/2010Regents Receive Legislative Audit Bureau's Report on Partnership Program
6/09/2010Wisconsin State Legislature Joins Fight against Infant Mortality
5/27/2010Wisconsin Partnership Program Seeks Feedback on Draft 2009 Annual Report
5/25/2010Wisconsin Partnership Supports Beloit Group's Plan to Fight Infant Mortality
5/17/2010Partnership Offers Information Session on Community Academic Partnership Fund
4/23/2010Wisconsin Partnership Program Approves Kenosha's Plan to Fight Infant Mortality
4/12/2010Wisconsin Partnership Endorses Racine's Plans to Fight Infant Mortality
4/08/2010Wisconsin Partnership Program Recruiting Program Officer
3/30/2010Applications Available for Community Teams Program
3/01/2010Community Academic Partnership Fund Opens 2010 Cycle April 23
3/01/2010New Investigator Program Request for Proposals Release Planned for April 5
2/19/2010Juneau County-Wisconsin Partnership Collaboration Featured in Health Rankings
2/15/2010Katherine Marks Appointed to Partnership Oversight and Advisory Committee
1/20/2010Wisconsin Partnership to Fund Study on Causes of Obesity in Latino Youth
12/08/2009Agenda Set for Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families Committee Meeting
11/23/2009Partnership Seeking Nominations for Oversight and Advisory Committee Member
10/28/2009Greg Nycz joins NIH Director's Council of Public Representatives
10/20/2009Wisconsin Partnership Awards Grants for Community Academic Partnerships
8/21/2009Read the Wisconsin Partnership Program's 2008 Annual Report
8/10/2009Milwaukee's Public Health Hurt by Socioeconomic Factors
7/02/2009Lathen Named Healthy Birth Outcomes Program Leader
5/18/2009Christine Holmes Appointed to Oversight and Advisory Committee
4/20/2009Remington Appointed Associate Dean for Public Health
3/11/2009Wisconsin Partnership Five-Year Plan, Evaluation Report
2/09/2009Wisconsin Partnership Aims to Reduce Infant Mortality
1/28/2009Wisconsin Partnership Reports Decline in Endowment Value
11/21/2008Wisconsin Partnership Awards New Grants

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