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Legacy Curriculum Year 1

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Year 1 and 2 Electives

medical studentsThe first year of the Legacy MD Program at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison is designed to advance student knowledge and understanding of the biology of the normal human individual and at the same time begins to place this knowledge within the larger social context of medicine.


Year one of the Legacy Curriculum includes a molecular, cellular and organ systems approach to normal structure and function with an emphasis on beginning doctoring skills and a public health perspective of medicine. The goal is to create a scientific foundation and broad view for students to build on as they expand their knowledge and clinical experience in subsequent years of medical training.


medical students

MD Program Lecgacy Curriculum Structure


The first year begins with a one-week orientation to medical school and introduction to core curricular areas such as professionalism, public health, patient care and communication.


Subsequent courses are organized into two semesters, with a block structure that creates regular cycles of teaching and learning experiences, followed by a week of review, assessment, Public Health Integrative Cases and independent study.


MD Program Legacy Curriculum Year 1 Required Courses

MD Program Legacy Curriculum Fall Semester, Year 1

MD Program year 1 fall semester


MD Program Legacy Curriculum Spring Semester, Year 1

MD Program year 1 spring semester

Legacy Curriculum Year 1

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