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The Neighborhood

Within the MD Program at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, the Neighborhood, comprised of five Houses, cultivates community, well-being and professional identity through individual and shared experiences.


Our Neighborhood mission is achieved by:

  • Developing skills to improve awareness, resiliency and professionalism
  • Engaging fully in advocating for the health of ourselves and each other
  • Supporting a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Fostering career development

Role of the Houses


In concert with the Neighborhood mission, each House will connect to the needs and interests of its House members through:

  • Leadership and guidance by practicing physicians serving as academic and career advising House mentors
  • Peer leaders (elected House officers) dedicated to creating a caring and connected community
  • Peer and professional mentoring, advising and guidance
  • Personalized, proactive and student-centered engagement

The COMPASS Concept



Click the graphic to view a larger version.

The concept on which the Neighborhood and Houses are built was originally designed as a roadmap to wellness. The School of Medicine and Public Health uses the wellness concept in a broader application to guide students in all areas that will support their overall well-being and success as a medical student.


The broader application is accomplished through the COllaborative Map for Personal Awareness and Student Success. COMPASS encourages and supports development of a multi-faceted personal plan that begins by asking three key questions:

  • What really matters to me? (Awareness)
  • What can I do to enhance my health and well-being at home, at work, and in the community? (Self-care)
  • What support do I need? (Support)

Medical students can explore these questions through active participation in House and Neighborhood activities. As medical students begin to understand and support themselves, they have greater potential to successfully understand and support others.


To assist medical students in building personal plans into solid foundations for medical student development and success, the UW School of Medicine and Public Health uses My Passport as a reflective guide for exploration and destinations.


My Passport


As a School of Medicine and Public Health student, you will use My Passport to explore the unique world of your school, campus and community by engaging in personally identified experiences that enhance your knowledge, support your academic success, and strengthen your career goals. As you explore and add to your Passport, your House mentor will assist you in reflecting on Passport explorations and provide guidance for next-steps and long-term destinations.


Your Passport to the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)


In the final year of medical school, every student receives a Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) identifying strengths, skills, evaluative comments, percentile ranking and unique characteristics. Your strengths, skills, and unique characteristics can be enhanced by fully engaging in Neighborhood and House opportunities that are tracked on My Passport and guided by your personal plan fostering awareness, resiliency and professional identity.

The Neighborhood

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