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MSTP Alumni By Year

Learn more about the alumni of the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Year Name Graduate Degree
2017 Adam Bailey Cellular and Molecular Pathology
  Ifunanya Ejebe Population Health
  Brendan Floyd Biochemistry
  Ted Griggs Cellular and Molecular Pathology
  Benjamin Krasity Microbiology
  Jeffrey Jensen Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Rachel Lenhart Biomedical Engineering
  Arick Park Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Kelli Pointer Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Lisa Sudmeier Neuroscience
2016 Jason Chiang Biomedical Engineering
  Joshua LaRocque Neuroscience

Patrick Lee

Cellular and Molecular Biology

  Julian Motzkin Neuroscience
  Farshid Moussavi-Harami Biomedical Engineering
  Olga Ponomareva Neuroscience
  Kunil Raval Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Katie Robinson History of Science, Medicine and Technology
  Heather Taff Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Jeremy Weiss Computer Science
2015 Michael Devinney Neuroscience
  Shawn Jackson Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Bornali Kundu Neuroscience
  Taylor Starnes Microbiology
  Andrew Wentland Medical Physics
2014 Christopher Brown Chemistry
  Eric Bultman Biomedical Engineering
  Timothy Chang Clinical Investigation
  John Floberg Medical Physics
  David Manthei Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Kevin McCool Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
  Chloe McCoy Biomedical Engineering
  Michael Palte Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
  Rene Roy Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Aadhavi Sridharan Neuroscience
  Richard Yang

Clinical Investigation


Jabe Best

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology


Peter Chen



Omar Demerdash



Travelle Franklin-Ford

Biomedical Engineering


Keith Hanson

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology


Eric Landsness



Michael Levine



Lisa Maurer

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology


Clinton Morgan



Philip Mudd

Cellular and Molecular Biology


Jonathan Myers



Nadia Sundlass



Kaitlin Sundling (Martin)



Sarah Wernimont

Cellular and Molecular Biology

2012 Jamie Elliott Genetics
  Jeremy Lavine Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Stacy Valkenaar Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Joseph Wildenberg Neuroscience
2011 Massih Hamidi Neuroscience
  Michael Hoffman Physiology
  Daniel Kelley Neuroscience
  Byram Ozer Biomolecular Chemistry
2010 Janel Hanmer Population Health Sciences 
  Brian Harahan Grahan Population Health Sciences 
  Austin Johnson Neuroscience 
  Elenita Kanin  Biochemistry 
  Kraig Kumfer Cellular and Molecular Biology 
  Stephanie Markovina Cellular and Molecular Biology 
  Emily Stevens Cancer Biology 
  Rebecca Turcotte Biophysics 
2009 Elizabeth Felton Biomedical Engineering
  Angela Gibson Cellular and Molecular Biology

Michelle (Roth-Cline) Hume

Biostatistics Committee Degree Program: Clinical Investigation

  Paul Laeseke Biomedical Engineering
  Elliot Lee Cancer Biology
  Dawn McNamee Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Jasmine Parvaz Genetics
  Philipp Raess Biochemistry
  William Simonson Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Robert Vincent Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Laura Walters Microbiology
2008 Rebekah Jakel Neuroscience

Hillary Lum

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
  Craig Schiltz Neuroscience

Kathryn Sullivan-Dillie


Siobhan Wilson

Cellular and Molecular Biology
2007 Timothy Cordes Biomolecular Chemistry
  Amy Fowler Cellular and Molecular Biology
2006 Blue-Leaf Cordes (Hanna) Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
  Thor Stein Neuroscience
  Ryan Herringa Neuroscience
2005 Michael Gelman Chemistry
  Indra Lim Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
2004 Karen-Sue Carlson Biomolecular Chemistry
  Jonathan Stoehr Cellular and Molecular Biology
  Peter Todd Neuroscience
2003 Jill Holbrook Biochemistry
  Samuel Nadler Biochemistry
  Regan Theiler Medical Microbiology and Immunology
2002 Jeffrey Ekstrand Neuroscience 
  Michael Schuster Chemistry
  Jonathan Wanagat Cellular and Molecular Biology
2001 Robert Blelloch Biochemistry
  Mark Domroese Neuroscience
  Susanna Mac Oncology
2000 Murat Kalayoglu Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  Lisa Mahnke Biochemistry
  Gwendolyn Sowa Biochemistry
1999 Eric Chen Human Oncology
  Jill L. O. de Jong Human Oncology
  Eric Niendorf Medical Physics
1998 Loren Denlinger Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  Ivan Moskowitz Biochemistry
1997 Eva Baker Medical Physics
  William Catherino Human Oncology
1995 Gary Buchschacher, Jr. Molecular Biology
  Steven Bittorf Biomolecular Chemistry
1994 Evan D. Kanter Neuroscience

Stephan Voss

Human Oncology

Nancy Sweitzer


Jane Schauer

Exercise Physiology

Dee Lacy

Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Mark Olsen



Michael Recht

Human Cancer Biology and Anatomy


Steven Howard

Human Oncology


Sanjeev Jain



Robert Wehbie


MSTP Alumni By Year

Last updated: 06/05/2017
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