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Meet Our Current Students

MSTP M1 group photoStudents in the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. The MSTP program includes students from all over the United States.


We are committed to bringing diversity of interests and background to each incoming class. The training that our students receive and the personal and professional friendships that they make during their time in Madison should last a lifetime.


Learn more about our current students, including their research interests and publications.


Med 1 Students

Name Undergraduate School
Maya Amjadi University of Iowa
Sarah Boutom University of Michigan
Patrick Carney University of Wisconsin-Madison
Joshua Choe University of Wisconsin-Madison
Elise Cowley Oregon State University
Caroline Kerr University of Virginia
Brady Lundin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Elizabeth C. Townsend St. Olaf College
Ravi Chandra Yada University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign
Susan Zelasko University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign

Med 2 Students

Name Undergraduate School
Nakul Aggarwal University of Minnesota
Monica Cho University of Pennsylvania
Max Frenkel Harvey Mudd College
Rigina Gallagher Brown University
Joseph Lalli Macalester College
Claire Laubacher Pomona College
Bo Peng Duke University
Brian Randall University of Notre Dame
Tyler Reich University of Pennsylvania
Robert Sterner Drake University
Taryn Valley Macalester College

Med 3 Students

Name Undergraduate School
Anna Barker Cornell University
Mitch Biermann University of Minnesota
Truman Do University of California-Los Angeles
Natalie Guerrero Pomona College
Justin Jagodinsky Coe College
Kim Krautkramer University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brett Morris Saint Olaf College
Sarvesh Periyasamy University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hemanth Potluri University of Chicago
Grace Schaack University of Texas-Austin
Maria Schletzbaum Washington University
Drew Sheldon University of California-Berkeley
Laura Steenberge
Illinois Wesleyan University
Jonathan Stefely University of Notre Dame
Andrew Sung Yale University
Laura Tetri Haverford College
Erin Theisen  University of Minnesota
Cecilia Westbrook Carnegie Mellon University
Ray Zhang University of California-Berkeley 

Grad 1 Students

Name Undergraduate School
Katarina Braun University of Wisconsin-Madison
Anna Heffron University of Notre Dame
Zachary Miller Duke University
Alexander Pieper University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Michael Rigby University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jonathan Tai University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sue Yi University of Notre Dame

Grad 2 Students

Name Undergraduate School
Mazdak Bradberry Northwestern University
Peter Carlson University of Washington
Amelia Haj University of Minnesota
Yang Hu California Institute of Technology
Jack Hunt Stanford University
Jorge Rodriguez-Gil Florida International University
Laura Swanson Luther College
Nicholas Vogt Swarthmore College

Grad 3 Students

Name Undergraduate School
Richard Merkhofer Colgate University

Grad 4 Students

Name Undergraduate School
Sara Berman Haverford College
Ryan Denu University of Wisconsin-Madison
Christopher Gelbmann University of Minnesota
Benjamin Steyer Oregon State University
Andrew Voter Bucknell University

Med 4 Students

Name Undergraduate School
Layla Barkal Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laura Felley University of Chicago
Daryl Fields Saint Johns University
Chadd Funk Dartmouth College
Vanessa Kung University of Wisconsin-Madison
Matt Larson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Justin Massey Swarthmore College
Anna Mirer Columbia University 
Aman Prasad Cornell University
Yash Somnay University of Michigan
Erika Starks University of Arizona
Brittany Young University of California-San Diego

Meet Our Current Students

Last updated: 06/06/2017
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