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Policies and Procedures

The Health Sciences Learning Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is managed by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health's Facilities Department. The Facilities Department is responsible for the Health Science Learning Center's safety, maintenance and operations procedures.


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Access to the Health Sciences Learning Center

  • The building will open at 5am (card access) with all exterior doors open without access control, including the HSLC/CSC doorway, at 7:30am. Access to Rennebohm Hall will correspond with its building hours.

  • All public entry to the building will end at 11:45pm, at which time an access card will be required.

  • Access between Health Sciences Learning Center and Clinical Science Center after 9pm will require an access card.

  • Access between the Health Sciences Learning Center and Rennebohm Hall after 11:45pm will require an access card.

  • The building will close at midnight and all occupants will be expected to exit except for students, faculty and staff, who may remain in designated study areas and will properly display their security access card.

  • The School of Pharmacy (Rennebohm Hall) will set hours of access for its exterior doors and the access corridor to the Health Sciences Learning Center in consultation with the other health sciences schools and library in order to create optimal study options for health sciences students and assure the security of both buildings.

  • All references to access by identification card assume that an entrant has both a card and that the card has been coded to allow their entry.

Policies and Procedures

Last updated: 04/24/2014
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