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Two Earn 2014 Classified Employee Recognition Awards

Robert Schlotthauer and Elizabeth Tuschen of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health are among five members of UW-Madison’s classified staff who are recipients of the 2014 Classified Employee Recognition Awards.


High Standards, Caring Attitude


Robert SchlotthauerSchlotthauer is a mortician in the school's Body Donor Program. The ability to help families in their time of need following a loved one’s death is the most satisfying part of his job, he says.


“Many individuals across the state of Wisconsin have chosen to donate their body to science after death in order to benefit the training of various medical professionals including doctors, nurses, physician assistants and physical therapists,” Schlotthauer says. “Knowing that the tasks I perform in my position are helping to further the medical education of future physicians and other medical professionals is very rewarding.”


Dr. Karen Krabbenhoft, director of the Body Donor Program, says Schlotthauer has contributed many illustrations to the anatomy course books that have been used by students for decades. He has also built strong ties with other institutions for which he provides material for anatomy and health-related courses, and has represented UW–Madison well across the state by providing consolation to grieving families.


“We have received abundant communication in the form of letters, phone calls and email messages from families around the state expressing their appreciation for Bob’s high standards and caring attitude,” she says.


Schlotthauer, who has worked for the Body Donation Program for the last 34 years, called receiving the award “the highest level of recognition I have received in my career and it is truly an honor.”


“This recognition by my colleagues is so meaningful because it tells me that they appreciate the dedication I have to this position and the students we serve,” Schlotthauer says.


Dedication, Creativity Shape Work


Elizabeth TuschenTuschen, a program assistant supervisor, says she finds it rewarding to work for an institution that challenges employees to put their best efforts forward.


“I'm so appreciative of the university for creating this award category and to the Classified Employee Recognition Award selection committee for recognizing my work and the efforts of other classified staff,” Tuschen says.


Christine Seibert, associate dean for medical education and Tuschen’s supervisor for more than a decade, says the best example of her outstanding work performance occurred when the academic staff member who was leading the school’s accreditation left just a month before the project’s completion.


“Without hesitation, Elizabeth stepped up to the plate and learned this complicated process from scratch, commandeering a team of staff to complete what was easily months of work in less than four weeks,” Seibert writes. “She remained positive during a very stressful time, never complained and actually seemed to thrive and excel as the deadline got closer.”


Tuschen says she finds most satisfying the vibrant and dynamic work environment that comes from working with people from all levels of their careers, from students to long-standing faculty members.


“The dedication and creativity in my department is truly unparalleled and has shaped the way I approach my work,” she says.


Date Published: 04/25/2014

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Two Earn 2014 Classified Employee Recognition Awards

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