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Physical Therapy Alumni Coalition

Newsletters (pdf)

In Touch Newsletter: Winter 2016

In Touch Newsletter: Winter 2015

In Touch Newsletter: Fall 2014

In Touch Newsletter: Fall 2013

In Touch Newsletter: Summer 2012

In Touch Newsletter: Fall 2011

In Touch Newsletter: Spring 2010

In Touch Newsletter: Fall 2009

Visiting Lecturers

2016 - James Elliott, PT, PhD

2015 - Susan Whitney, DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA

2014 - Jennifer Bottomley, PT, MS, PhD

2013 - Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD

2011 - Donald A. Neumann, PT, PhD

2009 - David A. Brown, PT, PhD

2008 - Duane Saunders, PA, MS

2007 - Anthony Delitto, PT, PhD

2006 - Timothy Flynn, PT, PhD

2005 - Charles D. Ciccone, PT, PhD

2004 - Suzann Campbell, PT, PhD

2003 - Ben Massey, Jr., PT, MA

Visiting lecturer guidelines (pdf)

The Alumni Coalition is a group of approximately 10 individuals, both alumni of the UW-Madison Physical Therapy Program and/or faculty members, working to support the Program and the success of its students, fostering Alumni networking, and educating alumni. The coalition was formed in 2010.


One of the UW-Madison Physical Therapy Program's greatest strengths is its extensive and loyal alumni base. Our alumni are a great source of pride and inspiration. We encourage you to keep in touch and stay connected to our program.


We have a long list of experienced alumni who would love to serve as mentors so please contact us if you feel you could use some mentoring!




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Committees and Initiatives


Current committees and initiative include:

  • Funding scholarships for DPT students
  • Supporting annual visiting lecturer series
  • Developing and supporting a mentoring program for third year DPT students
  • Helping to organize an annual reception at APTA Combined Sections Meeting for students, faculty, and Alumni
  • Preserving the legacy of one of the oldest physical therapy programs through archiving photos and other objects from years past
  • Recognizing past Alumni for their contributions to the profession

Current leadership:

  • Co-chairs: Jennifer Werwie (’12) and Chantel Hasman (’05)
  • Secretary: Susan Griffin (’84)

We are an affiliate group of the UW Alumni Association; we are not a formal membership category. Any alumnus of the UW-Madison PT Program can join the coalition. 


Class of 2016

Class of 2016


Margaret Kohli Award for Outstanding Alumni Contributions


Who Qualifies?


A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Therapy Program who has made meaningful contributions to the physical therapy profession through clinical practice, education, research, or service.




The nomination packet should include a letter detailing why the candidate qualifies and the candidate’s CV. All nomination packets must be sent electronically to the Program Director and received by October 1. The Physical Therapy Program’s Alumni Awards Committee and the Alumni Coalition will review all nomination packets for eligibility. One award recipient will then be selected. The recipient will be notified by November 1 and the award will be presented at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Physical Therapy Program’s alumni function at the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association.


Margaret Kohli Award for Outstanding Alumni Contributions - Nomination Form (pdf)


News and Events


UW Physical Therapy Program and students recognized for global efforts (pdf)


Thanks to all of you who joined us for our alumni event at the 2017 APTA Combined Sections Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. (Click the thumbnails to view larger images.)




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Advanced Education Opportunities

Physical Therapy Alumni Coalition

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