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Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research - The Story Continues

Designed to enhance the collaboration of researchers in the basic, clinical and population health sciences, the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR) will eventually grow to three towers, all dedicated to moving new discoveries from the laboratory bench to patients' bedsides and out into communities.


Wisconsin Institutes for Medical ResearchConstruction of the second tower of the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research is under way as concrete is poured, columns rise and masonry walls begin to climb.


Construction is scheduled for completion in 2013. The first tower of the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research opened in 2008 with cancer as its primary focus.


"We have planned for much more efficient use of space in this structure compared to buildings constructed in the past," says Mark C. Wells, assistant dean for facilities at the School of Medicine and Public Health. "In addition, modern laboratory design encourages sharing of equipment and resources, so we will have much less duplication and much greater efficiency."


Tower II will have seven floors devoted to research and discovery. Novel therapies for heart and vascular disease will be the focus of one floor devoted exclusively to cardiovascular research. The puzzles of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases will be explored on another floor devoted to the neurosciences.


On its research floor, cell and regenerative biology will study human biology at its most basic level. In its new space in tower two, the Eye Research Institute will continue to advance the understanding of sight in its broadest terms. And the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research's move into tower two will bring together 18 separate oncology department lab groups focusing their attention on cancer and new cancer therapies.


These research initiatives represent only a small part of the work that will go on inside this building as the School of Medicine and Public Health continues its commitment to the development of new knowledge and the advancement of human health.


This story appears in the fall 2011 issue of Quarterly.


Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research Construction Photos


Date Published: 11/16/2011

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Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research - The Story Continues

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