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Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW)




The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin’s mission is to support evidence-based public health action. SHOW includes two parts:

  1. Ongoing annual population-based survey: gathers health data on representative samples of Wisconsin residents and communities. Data and bio-samples are made available to researchers.
  2. Added studies / ancillary studies: SHOW’s platform is designed to add outside research studies. SHOW is often hired to add components to core survey work, recruit additional participants, and execute outside research projects.

SHOW is actively working in 4 Wisconsin counties this year: Milwaukee, La Crosse, Ozaukee and Polk. View more information for SHOW participants and communities.


As of July 2015, the growing SHOW cohort includes over 4,000 adults and children from throughout Wisconsin. The survey is based on the CDC’s national annual health survey NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) and data includes on average over 4,000 variables per participant.


The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin visits randomly selected residents in-person and collects extensive data, including physical measurements, health interviews, environmental data via geo-coding, actigraphy, and bio-samples (which are stored for future research in a bio-repository). SHOW data allow for a holistic research about health conditions and health determinants from a population-based cohort.


SHOW’s extensive data and biological sample repository are used by researchers around the world to explore a myriad of topics related to health. If you are a health or human science researcher, SHOW’s rich resources will certainly be worth exploring.


SHOW’s platform is also available for added studies, and has been utilized extensively by researchers and health organizations to execute such studies.


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SHOW on Milwaukee Public Radio


“The philosophy of SHOW is to look at health in a very holistic way. We make sure that the questions we have in the survey are from all facets of health,” said Dr. Kristen Malecki, SHOW's co-director, in an interview on WUWM radio's Lake Effect program. Listen now

green space

Where You Live Affects Mental Health


"Neighborhoods and communities we live in can have profound effects on our overall well-being, particularly in promoting mental health ..." - Dr. Kristen Malecki, co-director, Survey of the Health of Wisconsin


Dr. Malecki studies Wisconsin neighborhoods and how they affect our health. Her work is highlighted recently on Academic Minute. Listen now

Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW)

SHOW Expands in 2014


The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin grew in a number of exciting ways in 2014. For the first time in the survey, Wisconsin residents of all ages will be invited to participate. SHOW also implemented a new sampling frame that gives important expansion in the survey's capacity to measure health at some county levels as well as at the state level. Read about these, and many more updates in our Winter 2015 Newsletter (pdf).

Dental clinic

Predictors of Poor Oral Health


Recent Survey of the Health of Wisconsin findings on dental health in Wisconsin found that 1 in 5 adults is not receiving the oral-health care that they need, and that 15 percent of Wisconsinities have untreated cavities. Read more



For researchers

Survey of the Health of Wisconsin codebooks

Registration is required to access SHOW’s codebooks. Please register by emailing

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