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8/24/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
8/17/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
8/10/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
8/03/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
7/27/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
4/27/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
4/20/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
4/13/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
4/06/2017Pediatric Grand Rounds
3/09/2017Pediatrics Grand Rounds
3/02/2017Pediatrics Grand Rounds
2/23/2017Pediatrics Grand Rounds
2/16/2017Pediatrics Grand Rounds
1/05/2017Pediatrics Grand Rounds
12/22/2016Pediatrics Grand Rounds
12/15/2016Pediatrics Grand Rounds
9/08/2016Pediatrics Grand Rounds
6/16/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
6/09/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
6/02/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
5/26/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
5/19/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
5/12/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
5/05/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
4/21/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
4/14/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
4/07/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
3/31/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
3/17/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
3/10/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
3/03/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
2/25/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
1/28/2016Pediatrics Grand Rounds
1/21/2016Pediatrics Grand Rounds
1/14/2016Pediatrics Grand Rounds
1/07/2016Pediatrics Grand Rounds
12/17/2015Pediatrics Grand Rounds
12/10/2015Pediatrics Grand Rounds
12/03/2015Pediatrics Grand Rounds
11/19/2015Pediatric Grand Rounds
11/12/2015Pediatric Grand Rounds
10/29/2015Shift Your Perspective: Population-Based Approaches to Children's Mental Health
10/22/2015Pediatric Grand Rounds
10/15/2015Pediatric Grand Rounds
9/24/2015Pediatric Grand Rounds
8/20/2015Grand Rounds: Q is for...The ABC's of Caring for LGBTQ Youth
8/13/2015Grand Rounds: Gilbert-Barness Lecture Ewing Sarcoma, a not-so-simple onogene fusion-driven cancer)
2/13/2015Books Build Better Brains: The Intersection of the Early Brain and Child Development, Early Literacy, and Programs/Policies
12/08/2014Efforts at Bending the Curve: Tackling the Problem of Pediatric Frequent Fliers
11/24/2014We Count What We Can Count, We Measure What We Can Measure: Are Traditional Perinatal Indicators Relevant in the 21st Century?
10/06/2014Population-Based Approaches to Improving Child Health
4/14/2014Adolescent Health and Risk Behavior: A Wide and Focused Lens
1/15/2014Community Engagement in a Rural Setting
10/09/2013Wisconsin's Economic, Social and Health Trends: What Matters?
6/13/2013Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Medicine: From Fairness to Excellence
1/25/2013Fetal MRI Biomarkers and Free Radicals in Cerebral Palsy
12/10/2012The National Children's Study: Lessons Learned and Future Directions in Children's Environmental Health
10/15/2012Tracing the Effects of Child and Adolescent Health on Adult Socioeconomic Status: Evidence from Add Health
10/12/2012Visiting Professorship Featuring Dr. Holmes Morton
9/20/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Adolescent Health Portals: the Epic Task of Teen MyChart
9/13/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Concussion and Sports: Assessment, Treatment and Legislation
8/30/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Pediatric Musculoskeletal Care - The Who, What, Where, Why and When
8/23/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds
8/16/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Controversies in Preschool Asthma
8/15/2012Anesthesiology Grand Rounds - Personalizing Perioperative Pain Management with Opioids in Children
8/09/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Psychopharmacology Quiz
8/06/2012Imaging Pediatric Lung Disease: Making Numbers Count
7/19/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Adolescent PCOS - More than Meets the Eye: Hyperandrogenism, Hyperinsulinemia, and Hepatic Steatosis
6/01/2012Autism - Genes and Twins
5/14/2012WiPOD Obesity and Diabetes Prevention Research Symposium
5/11/2012Death by Child Neglect: What is the Role of Multidisciplinary Teams in the Intervention and Prevention of Chronic and Fatal Neglect
4/12/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - My Personal Journey
4/12/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Pediatric Liver Tumors: A Model for Clinical Research and International Cooperation
4/06/2012Psychiatry Grand Rounds - Why Do Teens Sleep too Little? Does Short Sleep Affect Depression Risk?
2/16/2012Advances in Childhood Tuberculosis - Turning the Corner?
1/28/2012Autism: A Day with the Experts
1/12/2012Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Understanding How the Heart and the Brain Work: Searching for Gold in the JNK
12/22/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Identificiation of Common Congential Hand Anomalies
12/08/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Failure to Thrive and Neglect
12/01/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Human Ciliopathies: The First 100 Years
11/17/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - The Boy Who Cried Chest Pain
11/11/2011Pediatric Cardiology Case Conference
11/10/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Primary Care and Policy Can Mix: One Pediatrician's Perspective
11/04/2011Pediatric Cardiology Case Conference
11/03/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Pregnancy and Inborn Errors of Metabolism
10/31/2011Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Where the Clinical Laboratory Meets Research
9/22/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Adolescent Immunization Update 2011
9/22/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - So Sexy So Soon: Today's Sexualized Childhood and How to Counteract the Harm
9/15/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Evaluating Professionalism: Getting Past 'I Know It When I See It'
9/08/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Newborn Screening for SCID in Wisconsin: An Update
9/01/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Surgical Treatment of Interrupted Aortic Arch
8/18/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Pyschosocial Apsects of Raising Multiples
8/11/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds: Stress Reactivity in Youth with Anxiety and Depression: Who, Why, When, and What?
8/04/2011Books Build Better Brains: Applying Principles of Early Brain and Childhood Development in Busy Clinics
6/08/2011Linking Research and Community Action: Tools to Create Healthy People in Healthy Places
3/10/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Neuroblastoma: New Advances in the Treatment of a Deadly Disease
3/04/2011Pediatrics Advanced Life Support (PALS) Seminar - Day 2
3/03/2011Pediatrics Advanced Life Support (PALS) Seminar - Day 1
3/03/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Iron Deficiency Revisited: New AAP Recommendations
2/24/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Cancer Immunotherapy: Translating Between Lab and Clinic
2/17/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - The Impact of Peer Social Networks on Adolescent Alcohol Use
2/09/2011The Children's Health
1/27/2011Book Talk at the HSLC - The Panic Virus (Note New Time)
1/06/2011Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Risk Factors Underlying Pediatric Anxiety and Depression: A Translational Neuroscience Approach
12/13/2010Using Electronic Medical Records to Determine Novel Risk Factors in Pediatric Asthma
12/10/2010In the Beginning: Children with Disabilities in American Policy, 1912-1960
12/03/2010The Development of Self-Regulation in High Risk Infants
12/01/2010Toxicity of Sedative and Antiepileptic Drugs in the Developing Brain
11/05/2010Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Review for the Pediatric Provider
11/04/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Spots, Lumps and Genes: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Neurocutaneous Syndromes
10/21/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - The Art and Science of Brief Alcohol (and Other) Interventions: Effectiveness from Pediatrics Practice to Virtual Reality Simulations
10/14/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Pediatric Dentistry for Pediatrician
10/11/20102010 Rankin Lecture - Outcomes of Premature Infants: Insights from Health Services Research
10/07/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Pediatric Immunization Update 2010
10/01/2010Down Syndrome: What We Can Learn from Epidemiology
9/27/2010The Impact of Peer Social Networks on Adolescent Alcohol Use Initiation
9/23/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - The Use of Biologics in Arthritis: The Ultimate Bench to Bedside Story
9/22/2010Neurosurgery Grand Rounds - Pediatric Spine: Anatomy, Anomalies, and Accidents
9/20/2010Systematic Measurement Error's Influence on Estimating and Understanding Health Disparities
9/17/2010Advances in the UW Health Brain Tumor Program with Visiting Professor James Rutka
9/15/2010Global Child Health: Training to Make a Difference
9/10/2010Neurology Grand Rounds - Dystonia in Childhood
9/02/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Newborn Jaundice: Evidence and Experience
8/26/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Breaking Bad News: Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable Situations
8/19/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Stressors on Families: Touchpoints Today
8/11/2010Neurosurgery Grand Rounds - Reflections on a Career in Pediatric Neurosurgery
8/05/2010Pediatric Grand Rounds - Oxidant Stress and Neonatal Resuscitation
7/29/2010Odell Lecture - Inducible Intrapulmonary Shunt Pathways: Real or Imaginary
7/22/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Complications of Late Preterm Birth
7/15/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Engineering Young Athletes: Genetic Testing in Youth Sports
7/12/2010Psychophysiology of Emotion in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
6/24/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Advances in the Treatment of Pediatric Heart Failure
6/17/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Can Insights Into Complexity Help Us to Provide Better Patient Care?
6/10/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Water, Water Everywhere: Preventing Water-Related Illness in Children and Counseling Families
6/03/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - The Holy Trinity: Maternal and Placental Hormones and the Control of Fetal Growth
5/27/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Fetal Origins of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes
5/24/2010Problem Solving in Infants and Young Children
5/20/2010Radiology Grand Rounds - Quantitative Chest Imaging in Cystic Fibrosis
5/13/2010Neurofibromatosis: The Most Protean Phakomatosis - From Von Recklinghausen (1882) to the 'Elephant Man' (1886) - to Madison, Wisconsin (2010)
4/29/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Advances in Fragile X Syndrome
4/23/2010Neurology Grand Rounds - White Matters: Pediatric MS and Beyond
4/22/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Parenting Overweight Teens: Preliminary Study Findings and Potential Directions
4/19/2010How Does Extending Public Health Insurance Affect Hospitalizations? The Case of CHIP Expansions for Children
4/16/2010Child Abuse: What Do We Need to Know?
4/15/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
4/09/2010Psychiatry Grand Rounds - Enhancing Collaboration between Pediatrics and Child Psychiatry: The Vermont Experience
4/08/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - The Cree Leukoencephalopathy Chronicles: Childhood Gaucher and the Parkison's Link
3/25/2010Pediatrics Advanced Life Support Course
3/25/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Quality and Professional Development: A Second Revolution in Healthcare
3/18/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2010: Where We Are, Where We're Going
3/11/2010Caring for Children in Vulnerable Situations: Global Initiatives
3/04/2010Pediatrics Grand Rounds - Silver Bullet for Neuroblastoma: Reality or Just More Media Hype?
2/25/2010Pedaitrics Grand Rounds - Sexy Media Matter: Technology and Its Impact on Adolescent Sexual Behavior
1/28/2010Fertility Preservation for Children, Teens and Young Adults Prior to Cancer Therapy
1/22/2010Genetic Testing and Newborn Hearing Screening
1/21/2010Decoding the Signals of Intestinal Growth from Atresias
1/14/2010Radiation Exposure in Pediatric Imaging: How Pediatricians and Imagers Can Reduce Dose
1/06/2010Pediatric Cardiology Case Conference

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