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9/20/2017Exposure to Pet and Pest Allergens During Infancy Linked to Reduced Asthma Risk
9/22/2016$15 Million Grant to Study How Environmental Exposures Affect Childhood Asthma
9/14/2016A Sampling of School of Medicine and Public Health Asthma Research Projects
9/14/2016Long-Standing Asthma Research Team Earns UW High Accolades, Research Dollars
8/25/2016Late-Onset Asthma Linked to Increased Heart Disease, Stroke Risk
10/26/2015Study Suggests New Way to Reduce Seasonal Asthma Attacks in High-Risk Children
4/08/2015UW Scientists Find Key Link in Cold-Virus Picture
1/13/2015Asthma May Boost Sleep Apnea Risk
11/17/2014New UW Study Shows Possible Link Between Asthma and Cardiovascular Disease
11/10/2014Largest Grant in School's History Will Continue Inner-City Asthma Research
6/06/2014Early Exposure to Bacteria, Allergens May Protect Children from Allergic Disease
3/06/2014Study Seeks to Improve Asthma Therapy for African-Americans
2/05/2013James Gern Awarded $5 Million NIH Grant
9/30/2011New Studies Seek to Help Asthma Sufferers Breathe a Little Easier
9/14/2011New Research Suggests Education Level Affects Lung Function
2/21/2011Asthma Through the Eyes of a Medical Anthropologist
12/13/2010Older People With Severe Asthma Need Higher H1N1 Vaccine Dose
9/22/2010National Study Shows Tiotropium Bromide is Effective for Hard-to-Control Asthma
8/19/2010William Busse Targets a Key Factor in Asthma Among Inner-City Youth
10/21/2009UW-Madison Launches H1N1 Study with Asthma Sufferers
10/19/2009UW Researcher: There Could be as Many as 200 Cold Viruses
4/02/2009Using GPS to Track Asthma Attacks

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