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4/10/2017Activity in the Brain's 'Hot Zone' Predicts Dreams During Sleep
1/25/2017Carbone Cancer Center Finds a New Biomarker for Fatal Brain Cancer
8/15/2016Study to Probe How Concussion Affects Young Athletes' Academic Performance
2/05/2016Homing in on Why Female Newborns are Better Protected from Brain Injury
1/19/2016New Approach Cleans Up Alzheimer's Protein in Brains of Mice
1/12/2016NIH Grant to Launch Statewide Study of Brain in People With Epilepsy
11/09/2015Neuroscientists Describe Brain Chemicals That Create PTSD Response
10/26/2015Concussion Rates Way Down After New Rule in High School Football
10/02/2015Josh Medow: Critical Care for the Brain
9/25/2015J.P. Cullen Gift Will Promote Brain-Repair Research at UW-Madison
8/26/2015How Fast Do Your Nerve Cells Talk?
7/06/2015Brain Imaging Shows How Children Inherit Their Parents' Anxiety
6/09/2015Dr. Mark Sager Awarded for Alzheimer's Disease Research
6/05/2015Poor Sleep in Late Middle Age Linked to Amyloid Plaques in the Brain
5/26/2015Higher Education May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
4/15/2015Study Reveals How Psychopathic Brain Creates Callous, Reckless Behavior
1/22/2015UW Study: Fluorescent Dyes Light up Brain Cancer During Surgery
12/12/2014Exercisers Have Less Alzheimer's-Associated Plaque
8/21/2014Neuroscientists Explore Temperature-Sensitive Pathways to Control Neural Activity
8/04/2014Neurological Surgery Patients Help Show How Brain Reacts to Stress
3/13/2014Halting Immune Response Could Save Brain Cells After Stroke
3/03/2014Brain Researchers Harnessing the Power of High-Throughput Computing
12/31/2013Study: Vitamin E Slows Progression of Alzheimer's Symptoms
12/04/2013New Research Shows Brain Can Produce Estrogen
9/05/2013Mini Med School Reaches the Minds of Many
3/26/2013UW Researchers Discover the Brain Origins of Variation in Pathological Anxiety
2/11/2013Technique Moves Practical Alzheimer's Diagnosis Closer to Reality
1/16/2013Mindfulness Meditation May Relieve Chronic Inflammation
11/29/2012Researchers Trying to Get Computers to See as Humans Do
10/18/2012Decreased Gene Activity Likely Involved in Childhood Risk for Anxiety, Depression
9/04/2012Reduced Brain Connections Seen in People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
7/17/2012Are Cardiac Risk Factors Linked to Less Blood Flow to the Brain?
6/28/2012Kuo Lab Finds New Biomarker for Brain Cancer
6/08/2012Researchers Find Early Brain Deterioration in Unexpected Location
5/21/2012Educational Games to Train Middle Schoolers' Attention, Empathy
3/15/2012Neuroscientists to Discuss Origins of Emotion and Psychopathology
3/05/2012In New Book, Leading Neuroscientist Describes Your Brain on Emotion
2/01/2012Using the Compassionate Brain to Predict What Occurs in Real Life
1/19/2012Researchers Find Gene Critical to Sense of Smell in Fruit Fly
12/19/2011Hold That Thought? Scientists Find Sensor That May Explain Working Memory
11/22/2011Psychopaths' Brains Show Differences in Structure and Function
11/21/2011Implanted Neurons, Grown in the Lab, Take Charge of Brain Circuitry
11/21/2011New Evidence Links Virus to Brain Cancer
8/18/2011UW-Madison Team Part of IBM's new 'Cognitive' Computing Chips
6/08/2011Chapman Lab Solves Membrane Protein Mystery
6/03/2011Hartwell Award Recipient Helping Children With Brain Injuries
5/23/2011Researchers Cultivate Most Common Brain Cells in Lab Dish
3/02/2011Wisconsin Study Links Carbohydrate Overeating to Opiate Reaction
1/19/2011Stress and Anxiety Both a Boon and Bane to the Brain
11/29/2010UW-Madison Study Links Brain Damage to Insomnia
11/23/2010UW-Madison Scientists: Distinctive Sleep Pattern Could Reveal Schizophrenia
11/11/2010Carbone Cancer Center Team Awarded Grant to Study Brain Tumor Treatment
11/08/2010Alzheimer's Prevention Registry Shines Light on Earliest Signs of Disease
7/19/2010Screen Yields Drugs That Could Help Treat Fatal Brain Disorder
5/18/2009Special Protein Helps Maintain an Efficient Brain
4/02/2009Sleep Tempers Growth of Synapses
3/31/2009Buying Time for a Stroke Treatment
3/19/2009UW Health Launches Wisconsin's First 'Telestroke' Program
1/02/2009Worried Brains Yield Treatment Clues
12/29/2008Vampires Go to Bat for Stroke Treatment

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