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9/08/2017CLR 131 Found to Broadly Target Pediatric Solid Tumors
8/17/2017Miriam Kim Earns St. Baldrick's Foundation Grant
9/22/2016$15 Million Grant to Study How Environmental Exposures Affect Childhood Asthma
8/24/2016Wisconsin and Michigan Challenge Each Other for Childhood Cancer Research
7/21/2016UW Research Team Uses Genetic Sequencing to Solve 85-Year-Old Medical Mystery
2/05/2016Homing in on Why Female Newborns are Better Protected from Brain Injury
12/08/2015In Memory: Nasrollah Shahidi, MD
9/29/2015Grant Targets Improved Outcomes that Matter to Children with Chronic Conditions
3/09/2015Dipesh Navsaria Joins 2015 Class of Aspen Institute Ascend Fellows
1/21/2015UW at Forefront of Progress in Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis
6/19/2014Program Aims to Improve Quality of Life for Children with Type 1 Diabetes
6/06/2014Early Exposure to Bacteria, Allergens May Protect Children from Allergic Disease
2/14/2014Pediatrics Researchers Discover 'Hidden' Outcomes of Prematurity
10/09/2013Caring for a Child With Cancer: Financial Problems Increase Burden on Parents
9/30/2013University of Wisconsin Research Team Offers Advice to Parents on Internet Safety
9/13/2013Researchers Earn Grants to Study Patient-Centered Care
9/12/2013UW Health Pediatric Primary Care Clinics Beat Immunization Benchmarks
9/05/2013Newborn Screening: 50 Years of Saving Lives
7/16/2013Reducing the Risk of Cystic Fibrosis 'False Positives'
6/11/2013Department of Pediatrics Has Played Key Role in History of Children's Health
2/06/2013Stress is Underreported in Parents of Children with Cancer
1/24/2013Waisman Center Celebrates 40th Anniversary
11/12/2012Study Sees Reduced C-Section Births in Amish Community
9/17/2012Former Pediatrics and Medical Education Leader Charles Lobeck Dies
7/09/2012Facebook Use Does Not Lead to Depression, According to New Study
6/27/2012Carl Stafstrom Honored by American Neurological Association
5/30/2012Health Care Costs Drop if Adolescent Substance Abusers Use 12-Step Programs
3/02/2012On Call: Catching Up with Three Sports Medicine Physicians
2/14/2012New Leadership for Wisconsin Healthy Birth Outcomes Initiative
1/31/2012The Waisman Center: Decades Later, What Would Harry Think?
12/14/2011UW Study: Mothers of Tiny Babies Suffer, Too
12/05/2011Poor Mental Health Increases Risk for Pregnancy Complications, Low Birth Weight
10/26/2011Transparent Zebrafish Provide Clues to Immune System Breakdown
10/24/2011Study Shows Language Progress in Deaf Children After Two Cochlear Implants
6/09/2011On Call: Catching Up With A Group of Pediatricians
6/03/2011Hartwell Award Recipient Helping Children With Brain Injuries
5/24/2011National Let's Move! in Indian Country Launches in Wisconsin
5/18/2011Fetal Biomagnetism Detects Heartbeat Abnormalities
4/26/2011Teachers' Role in Health Care Reform Headlines Healthy Classrooms Symposium
4/11/2011Insights Gained From Growing Cold-Causing Virus on Sinus Tissue
3/24/2011Ancient Bones and Teeth Help Cystic Fibrosis Researchers
3/10/2011Sean Fain Earns Hartwell Award for Cystic Fibrosis Research
2/10/2011Females With Sexual Messages on Facebook Leave Mixed Impression on Males
2/09/2011Stress Over Children's Cancer Impacts Parents' Mental Health
12/17/2010Partnership Pledges $2.1 Million to Improve Health of Wisconsin Communities
12/15/2010Partnership Funds Three Grants Through New Investigator Program
11/08/2010Faculty Q&A: David Gamm
9/24/2010Seminar Focuses on Social Networks and Adolescent Alcohol Use
8/27/2010Neonatal Behavioral Observation System Supports Parents With Newborns
8/26/2010Research Journey Takes Cystic Fibrosis Doctor Back to Ancient Bones
6/22/2010Jack Westman Receives Lifetime Award for Child Psychiatry Work
6/03/2010Pediatrics Researcher De-Ann Pillers Named Hartwell Investigator
5/24/2010UW Researchers: Stress Causes Poor Mental Health in Parents of Kids with Cancer
5/12/2010Cover Story: Pediatric Endocrinologist Aaron Carrel Tackles Childhood Obesity
5/12/2010UW-Madison Research Finds Mom's Comfort Lowers Stress Levels
4/16/2010Diabetes, Obesity Among Topics at UW-Madison Healthy Classrooms Symposium
4/12/2010UW-Madison Physician Encourages Doctors to Screen More Kids for Alcohol Abuse
4/05/2010Ultrasensitive Detector Pinpoints Big Problems in Tiny Fetal Hearts
2/26/2010UW Infectious Disease Specialist: Booster Vaccination Can Prevent Whooping Cough
1/13/2010Nitrous Oxide Eases Pain, Stress of Difficult Children's Treatments
12/14/2009American Family Children's Hospital Offers Specialized Treatment of Neuroblastoma
11/24/2009Tip for Stopping Nosebleeds: Lean Forward, Not Backward
10/14/2009UW-Madison Study: Social Media Influences Adolescent Behavior
9/08/2009Breast Milk Can Prevent Diarrhea in Newborns
8/20/2009AWARE Supports Bill that Would End Kids Drinking in Bars with Parents
8/12/2009UW Psychiatrist: Parents Shouldn't be Afraid to Take Charge
8/10/2009Diabetic Athletes Can Excel with a Proper Game Plan
8/03/2009Wisconsin Study Suggests Kids' Emotional Troubles Can be Predicted
7/29/2009Parents: How to Handle a Homesick College Kid
7/20/2009Obesity and Diabetes Threaten Children of Color
7/16/2009Study Links Stressed Parents to Sick Children
6/23/2009Farrell Helps Ireland Begin Cystic Fibrosis Testing for Newborns
5/08/2009National Children's Study Set to Begin in Waukesha
4/23/2009Blastomycosis Can Be Mistaken for Pneumonia
3/31/2009Children's Fitness Can Fade During Summer
3/13/2009Obesity Researchers Come Together at WiPOD Symposium
2/20/2009Wetting the Bed Could Be All in the Head
1/27/2009Short Coverage Lapses Limit Children Access to Health Care Services

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