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7/13/2017Madison to Host International Gathering of Sleep Scientists
1/13/2015Asthma May Boost Sleep Apnea Risk
1/09/2014Sleep is the Price the Brain Pays for Learning
9/03/2013Sleep Produces Cells that Grow and Repair Nerve Cell Insulation
5/21/2012Sleep Apnea Associated with Higher Mortality from Cancer
1/23/2012Studies Show Insomnia is a Major Health Problem
10/10/2011Study Shows Wake-Sleep Patterns Affect Brain Synapses During Adolescence
4/28/2011Brain Regions Can Take Short Naps While Awake, Leading to Errors
4/12/2011Study Finds Brain Regions Go Offline at Different Intervals
11/23/2010UW-Madison Scientists: Distinctive Sleep Pattern Could Reveal Schizophrenia
8/19/2010Faculty Q&A: Ruth Benca

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