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About the Wisconsin Partnership Program

Learn about the Wisconsin Partnership Program's commitment to making Wisconsin the healthiest state.


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Diversity Policy

Wisconsin Partnership Program Staff

Evaluation of the First Five Years (2004-2008)

Wisconsin Partnership Program’s Five-Year Plan (2014-2019) (pdf)

Wisconsin Partnership Program's Five-Year Plan (2009-2014) (pdf)

Program and Financial Audits

The Wisconsin Partnership represents a far-reaching commitment by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health to greatly improve the health of people in Wisconsin for years to come.


We have been given funds resulting from Blue Cross & Blue Shield United of Wisconsin's conversion to a stock insurance corporation to realize our expansive vision.

As our name implies, partnerships are crucial to our success. Only by joining with local, regional and statewide groups to pursue activities of common interest will we be able to successfully address the most important health issues in Wisconsin.


These may range from troubling problems experienced in the smallest towns to the most devastating diseases affecting large groups of people. The Wisconsin Partnership's goal is to significantly advance public health through prevention of disease, injury and disability.

The Wisconsin Partnership's success also depends on using in focused ways the UW School of Medicine and Public Health's many resources and widely recognized strengths in research and education.


The Wisconsin Partnership is targeting research that has the greatest potential to translate quickly to beneficial outcomes for the state's populations. We are aiming to educate and train health professionals who are prepared to meet the unique health needs of Wisconsin in the 21st century.

Public participation is equally essential to the Wisconsin Partnership's success. The Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC), which includes four public members, has guided us from the beginning. Oversight and Advisory Committee members played a critical role in developing our Five-Year Plan - the blueprint that outlines Wisconsin Partnership programs - and in ensuring that our plan uses the state health plan, "Healthiest Wisconsin," as its foundation.

About the Wisconsin Partnership Program

Last updated: 02/20/2017
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