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About the Wisconsin Partnership Program

Learn about the Wisconsin Partnership Program's commitment to making Wisconsin the healthiest state.


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Wisconsin Partnership Program Staff

Program and Financial Audits

The Wisconsin Partnership represents a far-reaching commitment by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health to greatly improve the health of people in Wisconsin for years to come. In alignment with the Wisconsin Idea, the Wisconsin Partnership Program reaches beyond the campus to improve the health of Wisconsinites through community-academic partnerships, innovative research and educational programs and community engagement.


The Wisconsin Partnership Program was established in 2004 through a generous and visionary endowment gift from Blue Cross and Blue Shield United of Wisconsin’s conversion to a stock insurance corporation.


Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles


Since its inception, the Wisconsin Partnership Program has employed strategies of stewardship, balance and collaboration to advance its mission to serve the public health needs of Wisconsin and reduce health disparities through initiatives in research, education and community partnerships —ultimately to achieve its vision of making Wisconsin a healthier state for all. Its strategy and framework for grant making are detailed in the program’s Five Year Plan.

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The Wisconsin Partnership Program administers five competitive grant programs, each with a unique approach toward improving the health of the people of Wisconsin. It also makes strategic infrastructure investments in programs that address the mission of improving the health and well-being of Wisconsin residents through investments in research, education, prevention practices and interventions, and policy development. The UW School of Medicine and Public Health and its widely recognized strengths in research and education are crucial to the success of many of its programs and initiatives.


As its name implies, the success of the Wisconsin Partnership Program resides in the connections it creates among people and communities across the state. Whether in the laboratory, classroom or community, together the Wisconsin Partnership Program and its partners are working to achieve the shared vision of making Wisconsin a healthier state for all.

About the Wisconsin Partnership Program

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