Diversity is central to the mission of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in meeting the health needs of the people of Wisconsin and beyond through excellence in education, research, patient care and service.

Therefore, the School of Medicine and Public Health is committed to:

  • Providing training dedicated to producing clinicians and scholars who understand the needs of diverse individuals, families and populations
  • Educating an ethnically and racially diverse group of clinicians and scholars
  • Studying ethnic and racial disparities in health and health care, as well as the potential means to eliminate those disparities
  • Maintaining an open, inclusive and respectful learning and working environment 

To achieve this vision, the UW School of Medicine and Public Health will:

  • Recruit, admit, and graduate a diverse student body
  • Appoint and retain faculty, staff, administrators, residents, and fellows from diverse backgrounds
  • Employ a curriculum that includes emphasis on cross-cultural instruction and intercultural communication skills
  • Advance a research agenda in areas of scholarship focusing on diversity and ethnic and racial disparities
  • Provide support for new and existing programs and resources to advance the diversity mission