Important notice: Due to all residency interviews being conducted virtually this year, we will not be asking alumni to host students in their homes, however you can still offer your expertise by providing guidance virtually!

The Help Our Students Travel (HOST) program connects fourth-year medical students traveling for residency interviews with alumni across the country. Aside from easing the financial burden of traveling costs, this program serves as a wonderful opportunity for students to build connections, gain invaluable insight about their hosts’ practices and medical communities, and learn about life in their respective cities. In addition to offering up their home as a place to stay, many hosts have provided meals, transportation and assistance with interview preparation.

Students pose with an alumnus
Echko Holman and James Xu, both of the class of 2020, with their host Jason Carr, class of 2014, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Interested in connecting with a medical student?

Our alumni serve an invaluable role in supporting our students. Please note that not everyone who volunteers to be a host will be matched with a student – we do our best to match students with as many alumni as possible, but it varies every year. The WMMA thanks all alumni who have graciously hosted students in their homes!

Become a HOST

Interested in connecting with MD alumni?

There are hundreds of alumni across the country who are willing to provide insight and support as you go through this crucial and challenging step in your medical education career. You can view a complete list of alumni eager to help on Canvas by enrolling in the Career Exploration and Advising course, or on Oasis in the Career Advising and Residency Applications section.


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