The mission of the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association is to create lasting relationships between the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health alumni and current students by visibly supporting our alumni, students and residents and advancing the mission of the school.


The Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association is a community that creates an exceptional environment for current students and fosters lifelong relationships connecting our alumni with each other, our students, our residents, the faculty, the school and the university.

Strategic priorities

  1. Participation: increase the active engagement of all alumni association constituents (alumni, faculty, medical students, residents, and donors) to encourage a life-long affinity with the organization
  2. Communications: strengthen the effectiveness of all communications with alumni association constituents
  3. Career Development: enhance the career development opportunities for medical students and residents
  4. Funding: Increase the alumni association endowments and School of Medicine and Public Health scholarship funds to support medical alumni association programs and significant scholarships for students

A. Participation


  1. Increase the percentage of alumni engaged in any medical alumni association activity by 25 percent
  2. Increase the alumni association's visibility with students and residents
  3. Increase the active engagement of all School of Medicine and Public Health medical students and residents

Action items

  1. Increase local and regional events throughout the state to include MD, residents and students in regions where there are significant numbers of alumni association constituents
  2. Develop a multimodal survey for constituents to identify their preferences for events and programs
  3. Define the role of the class representatives to be more effective in supporting the alumni association strategic plan (increase scholarship donations, attendance at events, etc.)
  4. Continue to include residents in School of Medicine and Public Health/medical alumni association programs
    1. Identify School of Medicine and Public Health MD graduate to lead residents in his/her specialty
    2. Invite one to two residents from each specialty to Operation Education
    3. Invite resident leaders to Homecoming, Alumni Weekend and winter event
  5. Create a working group to explore interest in future resident/medical alumni association collaboration such as:
    1. Identify alumnus to partner with each residency program, attend the graduation and give a welcome
    2. Recognize residents with a gift and/or membership from the medical alumni association when they finish their residency
    3. Consider residency year reunions in conjunction with Homecoming
    4. Consider partnership with regional and national meetings
  6. Define the role, expectations and structure of the alumni association Board of Directors
  7. Increase active engagement of all board members
  8. Develop a board term policy. Implement the Executive Advisory Council category. Review the structure of the Executive Committee
  9. Redesign the medical alumni association committee structure so the committees directly align with the Strategic Plan Priorities (Participation, Communications, Funding and Career Development)

B. Communications


  1. Develop an interactive membership directory for all medical alumni association constituents
  2. Develop a strategy for using social media to strengthen communications

Action items

  1. Conduct an email campaign to develop accurate list serves for all MD and resident graduates. Include a mailer card in Quarterly
  2. Use the Quarterly as a platform to encourage alumni to move into social media. Include a recurring notice about social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  3. Cross reference social media on the alumni association website

C. Career Development


  1. Ensure that every medical student will make a meaningful alumni connection

Action items

  1. Develop regional alumni chapters (with the Wisconsin Alumni Association) to sponsor social events for students in rotations (Eau Claire, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Marshfield and Fox Valley)
  2. Develop welcome packet for each community from the alumni chapter
  3. Create a social event for alumni and all medical students. Consider the winter event as a place to start
  4. Define the role and expectations for alumni who volunteer for the student/alumni partnership program 
  5. Invite second-year students to orientation picnic for first-year students
  6. Establish a "host a dinner for students" program. Madison-area alumni invite second-year students into their home or take them out to dinner
  7. Create tangible things that the students can see the medical alumni association contributing. Consider a gift each year, ending with life membership the fourth year
  8. Create a password-protected alumni directory for students and alumni to access

D. Funding


  1. Foster a culture of philanthropy and giving back for current students and young alumni
  2. All School of Medicine and Public Health MD and resident graduates will be considered permanent members of the medical alumni association
  3. Establish a goal for student scholarship funds

Action items

  1. Create new funding opportunities for young and/or new donors
  2. Establish a "buy a stethoscope" program to support students throughout their four years in medical school
  3. Define a gift to give each student every year. End with lifetime membership to MD grads and resident grads
  4. Eliminate the annual dues membership
  5. Establish a process to review funding priorities each year
  6. Identify a meaningful way to honor the "charter life members"