Dear Pandemic is a social media-based COVID-19 science communication project run by PhD/MD-trained female scientists across many social, clinical, and bench science disciplines.

A fieldwork student would be a part of our dynamic interdisciplinary team with lots of opportunities for networking and professional development. An interest in public engagement with science and/or infectious disease would be helpful. The work is 100% virtual and remote with flexible hours. Dear Pandemic is a volunteer effort at this time.

We are currently seeking an MPH student for fieldwork placement.

The job duties include but limited to:

  • administrative and website support
  • background research and fact-checking on COVID-19 related information,


  • ability to work independently and remotely on their own computer equipment/broadband internet access
  • excellent written communication skills
  • know how to use Slack, or be able to learn
  • experience with website management or social media account management, or ability to learn with some coaching. 

The ideal candidate will have one or more of the following: 

  • fluent Spanish. Candidate with this skill will have the opportunity to work with our Spanish-language mirror site, Querida Pandemia
  • experience formatting a weekly newsletter and managing a contact list using MailChimp
  • experience creating content for Tiktok