Disability Rights Wisconsin is designated by the governor to ensure the rights of all state citizens with disabilities through individual advocacy and system change. A private nonprofit organization founded in 1977, Disability Rights Wisconsin is part of a national system of federally mandated independent disability agencies.

Disability Rights Wisconsin is independent of government and the disability service system in order to be free of any conflicts of interests that would undermine its capacity to advocate vigorously on behalf of the human and legal rights of people with disabilities.

Disability Rights Wisconsin helps people across the state gain access to services and opportunity through its advocacy and legal expertise. It regularly challenges systems and society to create positive change and improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Committed board and staff members are among the strongest advocates in the state. Disability Rights Wisconsin supports the right of each person to live in dignity, to work and to attend school in mainstream society.

A field experience at Disability Rights Wisconsin involves working directly on both state and federal policy issues affecting the health of people with disabilities. The student will support the agency’s public policy coordinator to monitor and strategize around policy developments in the areas of health care reform, health disparities, Medicaid programming, long-term supports and other quality of life issues. The student will conduct policy analysis, create consumer-materials and advocacy alerts, meet with policymakers (supported by the public policy coordinator) and track legislation.