The healthTIDE network builds strong place-based partnerships while working to make the healthy choice the easy choice and reduce health disparities so everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Join others who are passionate about increasing opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating. Together, healthTIDE seeks to create a better, healthier future for all of Wisconsin.

HealthTIDE exists because greater alignment and deeper collective action are needed to create larger change, faster. With a strong networked approach, healthTIDE enhances cohesiveness and connectivity to each other - both of which are critical to achieving its shared vision. Together, healthTIDE envisions a Wisconsin full of healthy, thriving communities.

Examples of this work include:

  • More access to public parks and active transportation/commuting options
  • Healthier food for kids at school
  • Safer places to play and be active
  • Community coalitions working together to build health across their communities

HealthTIDE is based at UW-Madison with staff and partners from across campus and part of UW’s School of Medicine and Public Health Obesity Prevention Initiative. Partnerships also extend far beyond campus, with a network guided by a leadership council made up of representatives from state, county and community organizations.

Project opportunities

  • In spring 2018 healthTIDE launched Wisconsin Active Together, an active communities recognition campaign that also encourages moving from program to policy while connecting communities to a statewide network of peers and mentors. 
  • There are many opportunities to help in storytelling and digital marketing with campaigns including #WavemakerWins, where healthTIDE celebrates and holds up communities efforts to improve opportunities for physical activity and access to fresh, healthy food. 

Ideal student qualifications

HealthTIDE looks for students passionate about systems thinking and supporting community change around food systems and physical activity; and especially those who are media/tech savvy, can perform administrative and outreach tasks, as well as those with an evaluation background.

Why choose a project with healthTIDE?

Wisconsin has many energized community leaders and coalitions that are committed to improving the health of Wisconsin citizens. There are, however, duplications and gaps. As a student working with healthTIDE, there are a multitude of projects you could be involved in.

Watch a recent Applied Practice Experience (APEX) from an MPA-MPH student