Founded in 1903 as a part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and administratively affiliated with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene provides public, environmental and occupational health laboratory expertise to a wide variety of national, state and local partners.

As the state's public, environmental and occupational health laboratory, the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene helps to maintain the public health of all Wisconsinites, safeguard the state's environment and educate state residents on public health issues. Many senior staff are also faculty at UW-Madison. Through the State Laboratory of Hygiene's wide-ranging activities - analytical services and reference testing, specialized public health procedures, technical assistance, consultation and research - it directly or indirectly touches the lives of most Wisconsinites every day.

The State Laboratory of Hygiene is willing to develop an individualized field experience for the MPH student interested in public health laboratory work and/or the intersection of the public health laboratory with public health practice. With clinical, environmental and occupational health units, the lab can target the field experience to the student's interests.

Any person interested in a career in public health will benefit from interfacing with the state public health laboratory. Past MPH students have worked on projects related to newborn screening, environmental testing, occupational health, public health preparedness, global health, biotechnology and antimicrobial resistance.