The University of Wisconsin, Madison offers students the opportunity to attain a doctorate degree in physical therapy and a master’s degree in public health. This dual-degree program (DPT/MPH) is one of only five programs in the United States and allows students an efficient and cost-effective way to blend these clinically and community-oriented programs.

This is a four-year track and when finished, students are prepared to be leaders in healthcare and are equipped with unique skills that can address problems at both an individual and community level. Graduates from these programs can be found in hospital administration, the non-profit sector, consultant roles, corporate wellness, global health and development, research, and many other arenas.

Students complete the first year of the MPH Program prior to their two years of DPT didactic work; they complete their MPH applied practice experience and integrative learning experience/capstone while they are on their third-year DPT internships.

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The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health DPT-MPH dual degree program requires that students are reviewed for admission by each program separately. Students interested in pursuing the DPT-MPH should indicate this on their PTCAS application with a corresponding essay indicating why they are interested in the dual degree. Admitted applicants can defer their DPT admission for one year to complete the first year of the MPH Program. It is important that students follow the application process as neither the DPT nor MPH Programs have rolling admission.

Applicants who indicate interest in the dual degree on their PTCAS application are committing to application to the dual degree program and will not be considered for the DPT Program alone.  Applicants need to be accepted by both Programs for dual degree admission to be offered. Those who are not offered admission by both programs will be denied. No preference for admission to the DPT Program will be given to those with interest in the dual degree. 

Global Health Certificate

A Graduate/Professional Certificate in Global Health Program is designed to advance the knowledge and capabilities of learners with interests in global health. The certificate is a nine-credit program, available to DPT students, which includes academic course work and a global health field experience emphasizing two-way learning.