Mark Edgar, PhD, MPH has taught public health and worked on multiple public health issues at the local, state and national levels for the past 30 years.

Dr. Edgar has served the school as Program Faculty in the Master of Public Health program, as the Coordinator for the Wisconsin Center for Public Health Education and Training and as Evaluation Researcher at the UW Population Health Institute. Dr. Edgar was Assistant Professor of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Springfield; Director of Policy, Planning and Evaluation at Public Health Madison and Dane County; Director of Assessment and Planning at the Illinois Public Health Institute, Senior Researcher for Evaluation and Assessment at Saint Louis University School of Public Health, Researcher at SIU School of Medicine; and Director of Epidemiology at the Adams County (IL) Health Department.

Mark Edgar

He received his PhD in Public Health from Saint Louis University School of Public Health and Social Justice and his Masters in Public Health from University of Illinois at Springfield. His research has been published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and Public Health Reports and presented at the annual meetings of the American Public Health Association, the National Network of Public Health Institutes, the National Association of Local Boards of Health, the Public Health Systems and Services Research Keeneland Conference and Academy Health’s Public Health Systems Research Interest Group. Dr. Edgar’s teaching includes graduate, undergraduate and community-based courses and workshops in statistics, research methods, public health administration and policy, program planning, outcome measurement, and program evaluation.

Dr. Edgar has years of experience working with state and local health departments and human services programs; schools of public health, medicine and nursing; and nonprofit organizations in several states. His work has focused on, assessment, workforce development, evaluation, policy and program development, and public health research in both academic and practice settings.