The field experience is required for all students in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. This requirement provides students with practical experience to apply skills and knowledge learned from the classroom in a public health setting. 

Please note that the information listed on this page is specific to fieldwork and capstone requirements for students matriculating into the MPH Program prior to the fall of 2019. Please see the information for students matriculating in 2019 and after for details about the fieldwork and capstone specific to those requirements.

Students participate in a population-focused field experience following the completion of the majority of their coursework.

MPH students are required to register for six credits and complete a minimum of 400 hours of fieldwork through PHS 788: Public Health Field Experience. The field experience can be completed on a full-time basis during the course of a semester or summer session or on a part-time basis over several semesters using variable credits.

Fieldwork and capstone details