Many Master of Public Health (MPH) students are excited to address global public health issues during their educational pursuits in the MPH program.

There are several opportunities to study global public health in the MPH Program and there are two travel options for MPH students. The options include:

Faculty-led global health field courses

MPH students may elect to do a faculty-led group field experience through the Global Health Institute, administered by the UW-Madison Office of International Academic Programs (IAP). Students may also work with international agencies, such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or non-governmental organizations.

For faculty-led group experiences students are required to take prerequisite campus-based courses and apply to participate in the field course through the UW Office of International Academic Programs (IAP). Upon satisfactory completion of the field course, students will receive credit for PHS 645: Global Health Field Study.

Global health MPH field experience

Each year the MPH Program provides an opportunity for up to six experiences for our incoming students. These experiences may serve as the MPH Program field experience. These opportunities are provided to MPH students based on demonstration of past global health experience, knowledge and skills.

The students are selected for this track through a comprehensive application process that begins shortly after the cohort is admitted to the program. The deadline is June 1. Applications are reviewed and students who have been accepted to complete the global MPH field experience are notified by July 1. Following acceptance the student will work with the community engagement coordinator to plan the specific experience and additional didactic coursework that will support the experience. The field experience will take place during the summer between the first and second year of the MPH Program. Global health field experience checklist

Tuition/IAP fee for global health MPH field experience

Students who complete the Global Health MPH Field experience do not pay tuition, but rather pay a study abroad fee. The study abroad fee covers an administrative fee to the UW Office of International Academic Programs (IAP) office, Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) (travel insurance) and a site fee for the placement site. The fee is approximately $1,500 per student.

Students with assistantships (TA/PA/RA positions), who are typically eligible for tuition remission, must still pay the study abroad fee. The tuition remission that comes with assistantships does not apply to the study abroad fees. In addition, the study abroad fee is only equivalent to the tuition for the field work. Students who take additional credits during the same summer session will be billed per the tuition fees.