Students in the MD-MPH program have an opportunity to integrate public health throughout the first two years of medical school by engaging in various University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health programs that have public health components. Students may take advantage of these various opportunities to remain engaged in the public health field and make their medical career a truly longitudinal experience.

1. Apply to the Path of Distinction in Public Health (PoD) 

We encourage all medical students who are interested in pursuing the MD-MPH dual degree to participate in the Path of Distinction in Public Health. Previous students have indicated that their participation in the Path of Distinction served as a head start on their public health work and courses that further developed or established their interest in public health, making their MD-MPH a more longitudinal, integrated experience.

Students who would like to maximize their public health interest through participation in a cohort of students who plan to pursue their MPH may want to consider Madison PRIME (Prevention Innovations in Medical Education).

2. Public Health and Medicine Interest Group (PHMIG)

Established in 2006, this student group works to increase awareness of public health issues through education and activism. The mission of PHMIG is to:

  • Promote increased awareness of public health issues, provide exposure to the work being done in public health by UW faculty and give students the opportunity to learn by initiating, developing and participating in their own public health projects
  • Provide discussions and seminars dedicated to increasing the awareness of public health issues
  • Inspire and motivate students from all health care fields to become more aware of public health issues and their complexities

Membership is open to any student enrolled in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, resident or staff member and any practicing physicians in the Madison community. Members are self-selected based on interest in public health and the organization.

3. Shapiro Summer Research Program

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health provides support for medical students seeking mentored research experiences between their first and second year of medical school.

The purpose of the program is to provide funded opportunities for students to participate in a full-time summer research project for 8 to 12 weeks under the supervision of a faculty member.

Projects may be in all areas of basic science, clinical, translational, health services, global and public health research.

The program is designed to provide students with an appreciation for the nature of scientific research and develop skills in data collection, analysis and presentation of results to the medical community. Proposed projects should have a central hypothesis or research goal, with methods that are designed to test the hypothesis through the collection of quantifiable data.

The student should play an active role in conducting the experiments or gathering the data and in the analysis of the data, rather than function in a purely technical role on the project.