Undergraduate education

Harvard, BA, 1989

Years in MSTP



Medical physics, 1995


James Sorenson, PhD

Thesis title

Feature selection for segmentation of medical images


Radiology, University of Minnesota, 1999-2002


Neuroradiology, Johns Hopkins University, 2002-2004

Current position

Staff radiologist - neuroradiology, diagnostic radiology department, NIH Clinical Center

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PhD publications

Franklin MS, Kraemer GW, Shelton SE, Baker E, Kalin NH, Uno H. Gender differences in brain volume and size of corpus callosum and amygdala of rhesus monkey measured from MRI images. Brain Res. 2000 Jan 10;852(2):263-7. PMID: 10678751.

Kao YH, Winkler SS, Baker EH, Turski PA, Chu WC. A post-processing technique for displaying vessels from routine fast-spin-echo images: MRI-derived angiography. Magn Reson Imaging. 1999 Sep;17(7):1057-63. PMID: 10463657.

Kesava P, Baker E, Mehta M, Turski P. Staging of arteriovenous malformations using three-dimensional time-of-flight MR angiography and volume-rendered displays of surface anatomy. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 1996 Sep;167(3):605-9. PMID: 8751660.

Uno H, Eisele S, Sakai A, Shelton S, Baker E, DeJesus O, Holden J. Neurotoxicity of glucocorticoids in the primate brain. Horm Behav. 1994 Dec;28(4):336-48. Review. PMID: 7729802.