Undergraduate education

Harvard, BA, 1996

Years in MSTP



Chemistry, 2003


Samuel Gellman, PhD

Thesis title

Synthesis and Biological Applications of Cationic Beta-Peptides and Styrenic Polymers


Internal medicine, University of Washington, 2005-2008


Infectious disease, Stanford University, 2008-2012

Current position

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine-Infectious Diseases, Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine
James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Bronx, NY), Medical Director of the Infection Control Program and of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program.

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PhD publications

Gelman MA, Weisblum B, Lynn DM, Gellman SH. Biocidal activity of polystyrenes that are cationic by virtue of protonation. Org Lett. 2004 Feb 19;6(4):557-60. PMID: 14961622.

Gelman MA, Richter S, Cao H, Umezawa N, Gellman SH, Rana TM. Selective binding of TAR RNA by a Tat-derived beta-peptide. Org Lett. 2003 Oct 2;5(20):3563-5. PMID: 14507173.

Umezawa N, Gelman MA, Haigis MC, Raines RT, Gellman SH. Translocation of a beta-peptide across cell membranes. J Am Chem Soc. 2002 Jan 23;124(3):368-9. PMID: 11792194.