Undergraduate education

University of Wisconsin-Madison, BS, 1997

Years in MSTP



Neuroscience, 2004


Ned Kalin, MD

Thesis title

The Regulation of Amygdale Corticotrophin-Releasing Factor-Binding Protein (CRF-BP) in Stress and Psychopathology


Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, 2007-2010


Pediatric psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, 2010-2011

Current position

Assistant professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health

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PhD publications

Herringa RJ, Roseboom PH, Kalin NH. Decreased amygdala CRF-binding protein mRNA in post-mortem tissue from male but not female bipolar and schizophrenic subjects. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2006 Aug;31(8):1822-31. PMID: 16482088.

Herringa RJ, Mackenrodt DB, Barlow JD, Roseboom PH, Nanda SA, Kalin NH. Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), but not corticosterone, increases basolateral amygdala CRF-binding protein. Brain Res. 2006 Apr 14;1083(1):21-8. PMID: 16545343.

Herringa RJ, Nanda SA, Hsu DT, Roseboom PH, Kalin NH. The effects of acute stress on the regulation of central and basolateral amygdala CRF-binding protein gene expression. Brain Res Mol Brain Res. 2004 Nov 24;131(1-2):17-25. PMID: 15530648.

Lombardo KA, Herringa RJ, Balachandran JS, Hsu DT, Bakshi VP, Roseboom PH, Kalin NH. Effects of acute and repeated restraint stress on corticotropin-releasing hormone binding protein mRNA in rat amygdala and dorsal hippocampus. Neurosci Lett. 2001 Apr 20;302(2-3):81-4. PMID: 11290392.

Hsu DT, Lombardo KA, Herringa RJ, Bakshi VP, Roseboom PH, Kalin NH. Corticotropin-releasing hormone messenger RNA distribution and stress-induced activation in the thalamus. Neuroscience. 2001;105(4):911-21. PMID: 11530229.