Undergraduate education

Illinois Benedictine College, BS, 1980

Years in MSTP



Human oncology, 1991


Michael Gould, PhD

Thesis title

The use of in vitro assays to study the radiation biology of human epithelial cells


Radiation therapy, Harvard University


Harvard University

Current position

Associate professor, Department of Human Oncology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health

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PhD publications

Gould MN, Cathers LE, Clifton KH, Howard S, Jirtle RL, Mahler PA, Mulcahy RT, Thomas F. The influence of in situ repair systems on survival of several irradiated parenchymal cell types. Br J Cancer Suppl. 1984;6:191-5. PMID: 6582905; PMCID: PMC2149172.