Undergraduate education

Oberlin College, BA (2000)

Years in MSTP



Neuroscience, 2008


Su Chun Zhang, MD, PhD

Thesis title

Functional maturation of postmitotic neurons from human embryonic stem cell-derived neuroepithelium


Emergency medicine, University of Colorado-Denver, 2010-2014


Emergency medicine, University of California-Davis, 2014-2016

Current position

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery – Emergency Surgery, University of Utah, School of Medicine

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PhD publications

Weick JP, Johnson MA, Skroch SP, Williams JC, Deisseroth K, Zhang SC. Functional control of transplantable human ESC-derived neurons via optogenetic targeting. Stem Cells. 2010 Nov;28(11):2008-16. doi: 10.1002/stem.514. PMID: 20827747; PMCID: PMC2988875.

Li XJ, Zhang X, Johnson MA, Wang ZB, Lavaute T, Zhang SC. Coordination of sonic hedgehog and Wnt signaling determines ventral and dorsal telencephalic neuron types from human embryonic stem cells. Development. 2009 Dec;136(23):4055-63. PMID: 19906872; PMCID: PMC2778748.

Weick JP, Austin Johnson M, Zhang SC. Developmental regulation of human embryonic stem cell-derived neurons by calcium entry via transient receptor potential channels. Stem Cells. 2009 Dec;27(12):2906-16. PMID: 19725137; PMCID: PMC2806495.

Zhang SC, Li XJ, Johnson MA, Pankratz MT. Human embryonic stem cells for brain repair? Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2008 Jan 12;363(1489):87-99. PMID: 17322002; PMCID: PMC2605488.

Johnson MA, Weick JP, Pearce RA, Zhang SC. Functional neural development from human embryonic stem cells: accelerated synaptic activity via astrocyte coculture. J Neurosci. 2007 Mar 21;27(12):3069-77. PMID: 17376968; PMCID: PMC2735200.

Guillaume DJ, Johnson MA, Li XJ, Zhang SC. Human embryonic stem cell-derived neural precursors develop into neurons and integrate into the host brain. J Neurosci Res. 2006 Nov 1;84(6):1165-76. PMID: 16941479; PMCID: PMC2735209.