Undergraduate education

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BS, 2005

Years in MSTP



Neuroscience, 2014


Brad Postle, PhD, and Giulio Tononi, MD, PhD

Thesis title

Exploring Neural Representations in Short-Term Memory and Visual Awareness


Neurology, New York University, 2017-

Current position

Resident, Department of Neurology, New York University, School of Medicine

Undergraduate and/or masters publications

Ding F, LaRocque JJ, Dokholyan NV. Direct observation of protein folding, aggregation, and a prion-like conformational conversion. J Biol Chem. 2005 Dec 2;280(48):40235-40. PMID: 16204250.

PhD publications

Siclari F, Baird B, Perogamvros L, Bernardi G, LaRocque JJ, Riedner B, Boly M, Postle BR, Tononi G. The neural correlates of dreaming. Nat Neurosci. 2017 Jun;20(6):872-878. PMID: 28394322; PMCID: PMC5462120.

Samaha J, Barrett JJ, Sheldon AD, LaRocque JJ, Postle BR. Dissociating Perceptual Confidence from Discrimination Accuracy Reveals No Influence of Metacognitive Awareness on Working Memory. Front Psychol. 2016 Jun 6;7:851. PMID: 27375529; PMCID: PMC4893488.

Rose NS, LaRocque JJ, Riggall AC, Gosseries O, Starrett MJ, Meyering EE, Postle BR. Reactivation of latent working memories with transcranial magnetic stimulation. Science. 2016 Dec 2;354(6316):1136-1139. PMID: 27934762; PMCID: PMC5221753.

Emrich SM, Riggall AC, Larocque JJ, Postle BR. Distributed patterns of activity in sensory cortex reflect the precision of multiple items maintained in visual short-term memory. J Neurosci. 2013 Apr 10;33(15):6516-23. PMID: 23575849; PMCID: PMC3664518.

Siclari F, Larocque JJ, Postle BR, Tononi G. Assessing sleep consciousness within subjects using a serial awakening paradigm. Front Psychol. 2013 Aug 20;4:542. PMID: 23970876; PMCID: PMC3747360.

LaRocque JJ, Lewis-Peacock JA, Drysdale AT, Oberauer K, Postle BR. Decoding attended information in short-term memory: an EEG study. J Cogn Neurosci. 2013 Jan;25(1):127-42. PMID: 23198894; PMCID: PMC3775605.

Larocque JJ, Lewis-Peacock JA, Postle BR. Multiple neural states of representation in short-term memory? It's a matter of attention. Front Hum Neurosci. 2014 Jan 23;8:5. eCollection 2014. Review. PMID: 24478671; PMCID: PMC3899521.

LaRocque JJ, Eichenbaum AS, Starrett MJ, Rose NS, Emrich SM, Postle BR. The short- and long-term fates of memory items retained outside the focus of attention. Mem Cognit. 2015 Apr;43(3):453-68. PMID: 25472902; PMCID: PMC4447501.

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LaRocque JJ, Riggall AC, Emrich SM, Postle BR. Within-Category Decoding of Information in Different Attentional States in Short-Term Memory. Cereb Cortex. 2017 Oct 1;27(10):4881-4890. PMID: 27702811; PMCID: PMC6059111.

Gosseries O, Yu Q, LaRocque JJ, Starrett MJ, Rose NS, Cowan N, Postle BR. Parietal-occipital interactions underlying control- and representation-related processes in working memory for nonspatial visual features. J Neurosci. 2018 May 2;38(18):4357-4366. PMID: 29636395; PMCID: PMC5932644.