Undergraduate education

University of Pennsylvania, BA, 1984

Years in MSTP



Physiology, 1991


Richard Moss, PhD

Thesis title

Mechanisms of contractile regulation in single skinned cardiac myocytes


Internal medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, 1993-1996


Cardiology, heart failure, transplantation, Brigham and Women's Hospital, 1996-2000

Current position

Professor and division chief, Department of Medicine-Cardiology, University of Arizona, College of Medicine

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PhD publications

Strang KT, Sweitzer NK, Greaser ML, Moss RL. Beta-adrenergic receptor stimulation increases unloaded shortening velocity of skinned single ventricular myocytes from rats. Circ Res. 1994 Mar;74(3):542-9. PMID: 8118962.

Sweitzer NK, Moss RL. Determinants of loaded shortening velocity in single cardiac myocytes permeabilized with alpha-hemolysin. Circ Res. 1993 Dec;73(6):1150-62. PMID: 8222086.

Otero Ade S, Sweitzer NM. Benzoquinoid tyrosine kinase inhibitors are potent blockers of cardiac muscarinic receptor function. Mol Pharmacol. 1993 Sep;44(3):595-604. PMID: 8371714.

Sweitzer NK, Moss RL. The effect of altered temperature on Ca2(+)-sensitive force in permeabilized myocardium and skeletal muscle. Evidence for force dependence of thin filament activation. J Gen Physiol. 1990 Dec;96(6):1221-45. PMID: 2286833; PMCID: PMC2229029.