Undergraduate education

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, BS, 2000

Years in MSTP



Cellular and molecular biology, 2010


Paul Bertics, PhD

Thesis title

The effects of rhinovirus and chitin on macrophage phenotype and macrophage/epithelial cell crosstalk: implications for the asthmatic lung


Medicine, University of Washington, 2012-2015

Current position

Clinical instructor, Department of Medicine, University of Washington, Medical School

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Undergraduate or masters publications

Whittingham LA, Valkenaar SM, Poirier NE, Dunn PO. Maternal condition and nestling sex ratio in house wrens. The Auk. 2002 Jan 1;119(1):125.

PhD publications

Korpi-Steiner NL, Valkenaar SM, Bates ME, Evans MD, Gern JE, Bertics PJ. Human monocytic cells direct the robust release of CXCL10 by bronchial epithelial cells during rhinovirus infection. Clin Exp Allergy. 2010 Aug;40(8):1203-13. PMID: 20545701; PMCID: PMC2909328.