Angela Olvera

Undergraduate Education

University of Iowa - BSE (2018)

Years in MSTP


Research interest

Cardiovascular diseases as they pertain to other disease states, particularly metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity

Undergraduate/postbac publications

Pereira RO, Tadinada SM, Zasadny FM, Oliveira KJ, Pires KMP, Olvera A, Jeffers J, Souvenir R, Mcglauflin R, Seei A, Funari T, Sesaki H, Potthoff MJ, Adams CM, Anderson EJ, Abel ED. OPA1 deficiency promotes secretion of FGF21 from muscle that prevents obesity and insulin resistance. EMBO J. 2017 Jul 14;36(14):2126-2145. PMID: 28607005; PMCID: PMC5510002.