The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health provides an education that is equal or superior to any school in the United States and does so with tuition that is average for public universities and far less than most private schools.

Estimated breakdown of tuition and expenses for 2016-2017

Budget for Wisconsin residents

Educational costs  
Resident tuition $29,812.90
Books and supplies  $1,432
Instruments $682
Loan fees  $214 
Total educational costs $32,138.90


Monthly costs  
Rent, utilities, phone and renter's insurance $880
Food and household $390
Transportation $186
Miscellaneous $536
Total monthly costs $1,992
(X 10.5 months) $20,916
Total Wisconsin resident budget  $53,054.90

Budget for non-residents

Total Wisconsin resident budget $53,054.90
Total non-resident tuition add-on $9,896
Total non-resident budget $62,950.90