While we wish we could have seen you again in-person, it's our pleasure to invite you to our Virtual Second Look. The plan was to welcome you for another visit to Madison but when COVID-19 created distance, we got to work closing it. That’s what Badgers do—demonstrate their resilience and work toward creative solutions. And, we are always looking for more brilliant minds and big hearts to help make our collective future brighter.

We chose you because you are academically talented but, just as importantly, compassionate and kind. You share our commitment to serving individual patients and populations. With your myriad of backgrounds, talents, interests, and dreams, you will join as a diverse class who will learn not only from the faculty but also from each other.

We really want you to join us this fall!

You reflect our mission to deliver on the integration of medicine and public health. You reflect the values we live each day, and we believe you are the right fit at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Use the resources on this page to get a little closer to us and your decision to join us this fall.

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We can’t wait to see you in person.


Mary McSweeney, MD, assistant dean of admissions
Chris Stillwell, director of admissions

Welcome from leadership

Hear perspectives on what sets the UW School of Medicine and Public Health apart from other medical schools.

Robert N. Golden

"I can’t think of a better place!"

—Robert N. Golden, MD, dean of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Elizabeth Petty

"We are deeply committed to providing you the best education possible."

—Elizabeth Petty, MD, senior associate dean for academic affairs

Christine Seibert

"Amidst all this uncertainty, there is one thing I'm absolutely certain about: We've got this!"

—Christine Seibert, MD, associate dean for medical student education and services

Tracy Downs

"The problems that we look at are really from public health perspectives."

—Tracy Downs, MD, associate dean for diversity and multicultural affairs

Live discussions

Get answers to your questions, in real time, through a series of live discussions with UW School of Medicine and Public Health students, faculty and staff. If you can't join live, we'll be sure to post recordings of the sessions right here.

Public health and medicine

Through the lens of COVID-19, Pat Remington, MD, MPH, and Jon Temte, MD, PhD, talk about UW’s unique approach to integrating public health into medical training. They cover both the core public health curriculum as well as enrichment experiences such as the path of distinction and the MD/MPH dual-degree program.

Financial aid resources

Emma Crawford, financial aid adviser for the School of Medicine and Public Health, gives a broad overview of financing your medical education. She covers the nuts and bolts of federal loans but also touches on broader elements of financial planning and budgeting.

Perspectives from students

Students pose for a photo

Recording coming soon

Four current medical students take questions from admitted students on a wide-ranging topics, including the ForWard curriculum, the variety of extracurricular opportunities and life in Madison. This is an honest look at life at UW.

Student perspectives

Hear what current medical students from the School of Medicine and Public Health have to say about a range of topics, from a typical day as a med student to matching in their dream residency.

Mohamed Fofana

Hometown: Bronx, New York and Newark, New Jersey

Undergrad: Saint Michael's College

Graduate: Rutgers University



Mohamed, a M1 at UW, shares details on what surprised him about coming to Madison, what he does to find balance, and why he chose a school that integrates medicine and public health as a part of his future goals.

Madilyn Sass

Hometown: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Undergrad: UW-Madison





Madi, a M1, gives you a look at her apartment and offers tips on what you can find for housing options in Madison. She shares a glimpse into what a typical weekly schedule looks like for a M1 and more about the mentorship and guidance she has received in the past year.

Cat Phouybanhdyt

Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Undergrad: UW-Madison





Cat, a M1 at UW, gives a glimpse into the tools she uses for classwork and scheduling, the resources she uses to be successful, and what is so appealing about the overall Madison community.

Trevor Cooper

Hometown: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Undergrad: UW-Madison





Trevor, a M2 in the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine program, shares what to expect from your days at the Health Sciences Learning Center and what he likes about the curriculum.

Joaquin Villaruz

Hometown: Manila, Philippines and Kenosha, Wisconsin

Undergrad: UW-Madison




Joaquin shares more from his experiences as a M2 with the Training in Urban Medicine and Public Health program, working with a community partner in Milwaukee while also completing his clinical rotations.

Amber Sheth

Hometown: Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Undergrad: Swarthmore College





Amber is a current M2 who wants you to know, right away, that UW is a great school and she hopes you join her. She gives you a glimpse into modules she is currently focusing on and takes you on a quick bike tour while she shares her perspective on UW.

Ali Jandal

Hometown: La Crosse, Wisconsin

Undergrad: Drake University





Ali Jandal, a M4 at UW, talks about his match journey and specialty choice in internal medicine.

Nikki and Luke

Nikki Niewold and Luke Zarling

Hometowns: Madison, Wisconsin (Nikki) and Hartland, Wisconsin (Luke)

Undergrad: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Nikki) and UW-Madisoin (Luke)


Nikki and Luke, both M4s, discuss their couple's match and the support they received over the past four years.

Jennifer Mirrielees

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Undergrad: University of Texas-Austin





Jenn Mirrielees, a M4 at UW, talks about her path to matching in emergency medicine at UW Health.

Alumni spotlight: Jasmine Zapata

Jasmine Zapata, MD, MPH, completed all of her training in medicine and public health at UW. After receiving her MD degree, she went on to finish both a pediatric and preventive medicine residency, as well as her MPH. She is now part of the faculty as an assistant professor of pediatrics.

Student outcomes

Regardless of where students want to go in medicine, we provide the resources and opportunities for every student to be successful and meet their unique goals.


USMLE Step 1 first-attempt pass rate in 2019


Our residency match rate is consistently above the national average.


Percentage of students engaged in sponsored, mentored research after their first year

This year, students held a virtual Match Day event that was streamed to students, friends and family across the world!

Life in Madison

Find yourself on a campus like no other. Nestled between two lakes, Madison provides an idyllic location to balance study and life. Bountiful activities and events await in a city ready to accommodate any interests.
Come for the education, stay for the lakes
Madison is a city for all seasons — yes, even winter. Find out what offerings appeal to you.

Other opportunities for students

The UW School of Medicine and Public Health offers so many opportunities for exploration, enrichment, and support. Whatever your interest or focus, you’ll find resources and mentors here. Below is just a sampling of the opportunities available.

Training in Urban Medicine and Public Health

TRIUMPH is an urban training track within the MD program, in response to health inequities and the chronic shortages of physicians in urban areas of Wisconsin and elsewhere. Application to this program occurs during the M1 year.

Learn more

Native American Center for Health Professions

NACHP exists to improve the health and wellness of American Indian people and works with prospective students, current students, and health professionals to provide opportunities for growth, professional development, mentorship, research, and support.

Learn more

Medical student research

Medical student research is a vital component of the educational mission. Students are encouraged to consider research as part of their medical training are a highlight of most students’ time in the program.

Learn more

Public health

There are many ways students can get more public health content in their medical education. The Path of Distinction in Public Health provides additional public health didactics, experiential learning, and mentorship that supplements the MD curriculum and serves as a foundation for the MD-MPH Dual Degree Program which is a five-year MD-MPH dual degree for students interested in becoming fully trained in public health.

Global health

Medical students can broaden their program of study to include global issues and learn how to promote healthy equity, human rights, and social and environmental justice in a global context.

Learn more

Key enrollment dates and 2020-21 academic calendar

Stay on top of important dates during your first year of medical school. But first: Be sure to tell us you’re coming to UW starting on April 30 through the AAMC’s Choose Your Medical School tool!

April 15

Narrow “Plan to Enroll” to three medical schools in the AAMC Choose Your Medical School tool

April 30

“Commit to Enroll” option becomes available in Choose Your Medical School tool

June 1

Last day to “Commit to Enroll” for UW 2020 entering class

June 15

Last day to notify us of any pending courses for your pre-med requirements

July 15

Transcripts due

Aug. 17

First day of M1 fall semester

Aug. 21

White Coat Ceremony

Sept. 7

Labor Day (no school)

Nov. 26-29

Thanksgiving break

Dec. 18

Last day of M1 fall semester

Dec. 19

Winter break begins

Jan. 4

First day of M1 spring semester

Jan. 18

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

April 13-21

Spring break for M1 students

May 14

Last day of M1 spring semester

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