The Office of Community Service Programs strives to increase the capacity of students and local communities to address societal issues by facilitating the establishment of community-campus partnerships.

The goals of these partnerships are to: 

  • Link students with community organizations, especially those working with underserved communities
  • Engage medical students in meaningful learning experiences incorporating service and civic engagement
  • Provide useful contributions to community partners, addressing needs identified by the communities

The Office of Community Service Programs at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health strives to realize the principles of good community-campus partnerships as defined by Community-Campus Partnerships for Health: 

  • Partners have agreed upon mission, values, goals and measurable outcomes for the partnership
  • The relationship between partners is characterized by mutual trust, respect, genuineness and commitment
  • The partnership builds upon identified strengths and assets, but also addresses areas that need improvement 
  • The partnership balances power among partners and enables resources among partners to be shared
  • There is clear, open and accessible communication between partners, making it an ongoing priority to listen to each need, develop a common language and validate/clarify the meaning of terms
  • Roles, norms and processes for the partnership are established with the input and agreement of all partners
  • There is feedback to, among and from all stakeholders in the partnership, with the goal of continuously improving the partnership and its outcomes 
  • Partners share the credit for the partnership's accomplishments
  • Partnerships take time to develop and evolve over time

For more information about Community-Campus Partnerships, visit the CCPH website