As a school of medicine and public health, the Public Health thread is integral to and tightly woven throughout the 3 phases of the curriculum, culminating in a required Phase 3 Public Health Selective. The Public Health thread includes content related to determinants of health and natural history of disease, population health data and evidence-based public health, community engagement and cultural humility, health in all policy and advocacy, public health and health systems.

Thread director: Parvathy Pallai, MD, MPH

Phase 1

  • Epidemiology
  • Social determinants of health
  • Examining population health data
  • Community engagement
  • Policy and advocacy skills
  • Evidence-based public health
  • Health care systems
  • Environmental health

Phase 2

  • Community engagement project
  • Advocacy project
  • Application of evidence-based practices for clinical and population health
  • Care of vulnerable populations