Quality and safety in medicine curriculum focuses on the high rate of errors and how the health care system and physicians can address this issue. This thread includes history of quality and safety, quality/cost/outcome comparisons, oversight and regulation, decision science and support, systems approach, QI methods to improve quality of care, change management, information technology and automation, error analysis, disclosure and response.

Thread director: Jamie Hess, MD

Phase 1

  • Importance of quality and safety
  • Relationship between safety, quality and cost
  • Quality improvement methods to improve care
  • System level strategies
  • Decision science and support
  • Organization and delivery of care
  • PDSA cycles

Phase 2

  • Quality, cost and outcome comparisons
  • Physician’s role in QI and PS
  • Professional societies and specialty boards
  • Mandated reporting and safety
  • Disclosure of errors and unanticipated outcomes
  • Root cause analysis and learning from errors
  • Medication reconciliation

Phase 3

  • Factors that contribute to quality and safety