Thirty-eight physicians known for their dedication to teaching and patient-centered care were selected from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health faculty to to lead case-based learning groups, teach clinical skills and serve as coaches.

LTCs will be primarily responsible for the teaching of clinical skills and case-based learning curriculum across Phase 1 of the new curriculum, and the coaching of teamwork skills and professionalism and the fostering of lifelong learning with critical reflection across all three phases of the curriculum.

Teaching will be accomplished through small-group sessions, online discussions/interactions and individual coaching. LTCs are committed to two half-days a week (approximately 0.2 FTE), or one half-day for those that job share (approximately 0.1 FTE).

The LTC role will include:

  • Case-based learning facilitation
  • Coaching on self-directed learning
  • Clinical skills teaching
  • Professionalism coaching
  • Teamwork skills teaching
  • Foster student lifelong learning
  • Coach on critical reflection skills
  • Feedback on student self assessment
  • Identify students in need of remediation
  • Participate in student remediation