The Office of Career Advising at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health offers a number of resources to help students in the MD Program prepare for residency.

Useful Websites

Useful Publications

The following guides are available in Office of Career Advising (Room 2134 in the Health Sciences Learning Center):

Careers in Medicine Student Guide: Setting a Course for Career Success, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Outlines the Careers in Medicine Web site and provides an excellent overview of the career development process from specialty exploration through match.
So You Want to be a Surgeon, Johansen and Heinbach Paperback. Indicates academic class rank, Step 1 results, etc., for recent selections to each program.
Getting into a Residency, A Guide for Medical Students, by Iserson Excellent resource for generic help on maximizing your application and strategizing.
How to Choose a Medical Specialty, by Anita Taylor Very good for defining areas, lifestyles and training demands; also good for advice on selecting a specialty.
Medical Student's Guide To Successful Residency Matching, by L.T. Miller and L.G. Donowitz Good overview of residency selection and application process.
Medicare Payments for Graduate Medical Education, by AAMC Reference pamphlet outlines the how Medicare remuneration to residency programs affects your salary. This is only relevant if you're considering switching specialties.
Pathway Evaluation Program, by the GlaxoWellcome Drug Company Excellent for defining areas and helping students determine which are most appealing. Includes survey results of current physicians who rank 17 critical factors.
First Aid for the Match - Insider Advice from Students and Residency Directors, by Bhushan, Le and Amin Paperback. Excellent for details about residency application and match. Includes brief overview of specialties.
Graduate Medical Education Directory, the annual "Green Book" by the American Medical Association (AMA) Lists every program, contact info and program size.
Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation, by Parker Palmer Although it does not address physician career choice, this short (less than 100 pages) but excellent book describes the critical role of self-reflection in career development.
On Doctoring: Stories, Poems, Essays, edited by Richard Reynolds and John Stone This book does not talk about the career development process directly. Rather, the stories, poems and essays may provide a point of reflection and reference for students considering how medicine fits into their lives.
Student Guide to the Appraisal and Selection of House Staff Training Programs, by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Very good for how to evaluate a program strengths and weaknesses.
Roadmap to Residency: From Application to the Match and Beyond, by AAMC Describes the processes and tasks related to residency program selection, application, match. General information is relevant to all specialties and a variety of student scenarios.