Revisit the Careers in Medicine assessments

Retake the Careers in Medicine inventories and compare your new assessments to prior assessments. A career exploration workshop takes place during the Phase 2 orientation.

Attend orientation

Attend the Orientation to Phase 2 to learn more about specialty exploration through your clinical rotation years. Orientation includes a panel with fourth year students who successfully completed phase 2 and leveraged the clerkship experience to explore specialties. 

Review specialty profiles

Review specialty profiles using the AAMC’s CiM website to learn more about the specialty, training, work environments, and competitiveness for your specialty of interest.

Interview physicians in your preferred specialty

Conduct informational interviews with physicians in your preferred specialties to learn more about job responsibilities, academic background and professional interests.

Engage in clerkships

Engage in clerkships and leverage your clerkship experience to learn more about specialties through residents, attending physicians and faculty.

Use the Specialty Indecision Scale

Compare your specialties of interest using the CiM Specialty Indecision Scale. The scale examines 6 major areas of career indecision and suggests activities to address these areas.