Resources are available for students at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health to help them maintain their personal health - including their mental health.

University Health Services - counseling and consultation services

We are here to offer support to you while in medical school, by providing counseling and psychiatry services to help you maintain your personal health and well-being so you can do your best academically. All FREE to you as a student!

Recognizing the rigors of medical school, University Health Services (UHS) Counseling and Consultation has specific counselors who meet with medical students and are knowledgeable about the stresses and challenges you may encounter.

Existing concerns?

Many students coming to medical school have struggled in the past with concerns such as anxiety or depression, and have sought treatment through therapy or medication. It's important to establish care here at the beginning of your first year rather than waiting until increased stress adds to your existing concerns.

New to counseling?

Others may not have considered using counseling resources in the past, but find that this added resource is key in addressing emotional health concerns that may interfere with your academics and personal life.

Wellness and self-care

We offer help in strategies to reduce anxiety, to develop personal self-care plans, and to find ways to maintain balance in life throughout your medical school education.

How to schedule an appointment

Call UHS Counseling and Consultation Services at 608-265-5600, ext. 2 (333 E. Campus Mall)

Identify yourself as a medical student, and ask to schedule a counseling appointment with one of the medical school counselors; you will be scheduled directly without going through our access system.

When you meet with a counselor, if the need for psychiatry services is discussed, you may be scheduled for a psychiatry consultation.

For urgent mental health needs, call our 24-hour crisis intervention services at 608-265-5600, option 9.


Any information shared with a counselor is kept confidential, even the fact that you have attended an appointment at UHS is not shared with anyone, even the medical school staff. We adhere to HIPAA and FERPA guidelines.

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