The Native American Center for Health Professions works to keep connected with our campus community, as well as our Wisconsin tribal communities. We continue to build our partnerships and offer ways to stay visible and engaged.

Harvest and Husking Bee
We stay connected to Native communities by participating in events such as Oneida's annual Harvest and Husking Bee.


  • Annual Indigenous Health and Wellness Day, spring
  • Annual Native November health specific events hosted, fall
  • Association of Native American Medical Students (ANAMS) blood pressure screening at UW-Madison powwow, spring
  • UW partnership - Native Nations Work Group

Tribal communities

  • Attending and presenting to Great Lakes Native American Elder Association
  • Attending and presenting to Tribal Health Director meeting
  • Indians Into Medicine (INMED) Grant Advisory Council meetings
  • Native Nations Nursing Summit, fall
  • Oneida corn husking trip
  • Ongoing engagement and meetings with tribal leadership
  • Wild ricing trip to Lac du Flambeau for students and staff, summer