Indians Into Medicine (INMED) is a five-year grant offered to public and nonprofit private colleges and universities to support the enrollment of American Indians and Alaska Natives to pursue careers in medicine and other health fields.

The Native American Center for Health Professions (NACHP) received its first INMED award in 2015. NACHP’s INMED grant was renewed in 2019 for another 5 years. This grant helps fund outreach across the state to youth in middle and high school and programming for undergraduate and health professional students on campus.

NACHP partners with multiple programs across campus, and with Tribes in the state to deliver valuable experiences and opportunities to enhance health career interests and enhance recruitment of applicants.

Programming includes:

  • access to Native American mentors
  • cultural immersion training within tribal clinics
  • culturally significant conferences
  • on-campus support
  • professional development opportunities
  • academic and curriculum enhancements that focus on tribal health
  • cultural programming partnered with tribal community visits
  • outreach and presentations to youth in all WI tribal communities