The Native American Center for Health Professions works to engage with all ages of students. We truly believe that we can increase the number of health professionals by working with all educational levels. Here are ways that we provide outreach and recruitment to all groups.

A young student at a student recruitment event
Students, whether they're in middle school or enrolled in a health professions program, can take advantage of our recruitment resources.


Our staff works with various levels of education, beginning as young as middle school. We understand the importance of getting our students interested in a health career early on. Here are some ways that we do outreach to pre-college students (middle and high school):

  • Presentations across Wisconsin
  • PEOPLE (Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence) Program
  • College and health fairs in tribal communities
  • Indigneous Health and Wellness Day, spring


An event host addressing the crowd at a podium
The annual Indigenous Health and Wellness Day is a great opportunity to spark interest in a health career.

Undergraduate students are at an important time in their academic career. We try to meet and recruit any student interested in a health career during this critical time so we can begin plugging them into our opportunities. We reach them through:

  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Annual Meeting, November
  • Native American Great Lakes Applicant Workshop, April
  • Association of American Indian Physicians, August

Health professional

Once a student is already in a health professional program we make sure we are meeting their needs and creating a community of support for them. Health professional students benefit from engaging with our office because they receive expanded programming such as:

  • Second look with Office of Multicultural Affairs

Summer activities to keep busy during the pandemic

Thank you for your interest in the Native American Center for Health Professions Youth Wellness Bingo Challenge. This activity is meant to inspire and educate Indigenous youth and young adults to the many aspects of wellness. We will ask participants to engage in one of the listed activities in each wellness category (outdoors, mental wellness, nutrition, community wellness, and cultural wellness) each week they choose to participate. At the end of each week participants can complete a survey for an entry into the Wellness Bingo raffle. Each prize is meant to encourage continued healthy living.