The University of Wisconsin-Madison Doctor of Physical Therapy Program invite donors, alumni and friends to contribute to the scholarships and funds within the program. From funding graduate research and fellowships, to supporting our visiting lecturer program or providing financial assistance to a student, our funds offer many ways you can support our program. As always, we appreciate your interest and support.

University of Wisconsin Foundation funds

Physical Therapy General Fund

The Physical Therapy Fund was established to fund graduate research and to be used as a discretionary fund from which the program director can spend. The Physical Therapy Alumni Awards are drawn from this fund and awarded to first-year physical therapy students who serve as Instructional Assistants in Anatomy 622-Human Anatomy and PT 501-Anatomical Applications in Physical Therapy. This fund is supported by gifts from program alumni. Donations to this fund can also be earmarked for faculty endeavors in global health.

Visiting Lecturer Fund

The Visiting Lecture Fund was established through a generous gift by the late Mary Jane Meng, PT, assistant professor emeritus. This fund assists the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in its teaching, research and public service responsibilities by annually inviting qualified physical therapist practitioners to guest lecture.

Janet Lemke PhD Fund

The Janet Lemke Physical Therapy Fund was created in her memory by her husband to benefit doctoral research and scholarly activities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Janet Lemke was an Emeritus Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy Program.

Physical Therapy Student Scholarship Fund

The Physical Therapy Student Scholarship Fund was established to grant financial assistance to physical therapy students.

Mary McKinney Edmonds Fund

This fund was established with a gift by Warren W. May for recruitment and support of physical therapy students who are underrepresented-in-medicine.

Sense of Community Fund

This fund supports the greatest needs of the Physical Therapy Program as determined by the director. Uses can include, but are not limited to receptions, entertainment, and/or costs associated with meals and refreshments. This includes functions related to retirements, welcome, receptions, and/or any other occasion considered to be team or morale-building in nature.

Other funds

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Organization General Fund

A donation to the Phi Theta General Fund provides us with the most financial flexibility. Funds can be used to support our community outreach programs like Adopt-a-Highway, raking leaves for area senior citizens, and Habitat for Humanity, or for social events like our annual holiday party.